Friday, January 9, 2009

The ¨T¨ factor.

I don´t know where to even begin with this guy.

Michael T. Ward

This is my wing man. This guy is a freaking champ! Without Mike this dream, this idea of a fundraiser probably wouldn´t be possible.

Mike is coming down to Panama City on January 16th to join me for the first leg of this fundraising event. Mike and I are biking across Panama in a effort to raise money for those kids who need it most.

Mike and I go back to San Francisco State University. Were college buddies and old fraternity brothers. Its amazing what friends and good ol´ frat boys will do for each other. Mike was on his way out of San Francisco State. He was a senior when I was coming in as a young 18 year old freshman. At one point I was thinking about transferring schools. I kinda wanted out of S.F. State and out of California. I was an 18 year old kid who thought I knew everything. Mike was one of my friends who told me to take a deep breath and think about my decisions before I acted. Great advice man. Without a friend like you who knows where I´d be today.

After school Mike and I didn´t really keep in touch to much. He went his way and I went mine. Mike lives and works in Sacramento, CA and I stayed in the city. We hung out every once in a while at friends weddings or any other big events. This last year Mike and have become a bit closer.

I told Mike about this idea for the fundraiser a few months ago. I was looking for some honest feedback. I knew I would get 100% honesty from Mike, he´s that type of guy. If he thought it was a stupid idea he would waste no time at all to tell me. He´d probably tell me I was crazy if he thought so. Instead, Mike, was 110% for it! He thought it was an amazing idea. He loved the idea so much, 1 month later, he bought his plane ticket to Panama to join me on this adventure.

On top of that he´s been training for the ride 5 days a week. He tells me that he does cycle classes with a full sweat suit on to get ready for the heat. I can picture it now...this guys rolls up to a cycling class in Sacramento with a beanie and a full sweat suit! The people in his class must think he´s crazy!

Anyway...Mike...without your dedication to this event I don´t know if I would have the courage to get threw it. Knowing that I have a friend that supports this idea and is dedicated to it as much as I am means so much to me! I can´t believe your getting down to Panama. The road ahead is going to be crazy. It´s going to be filled with adventure, the unknown, wild people, big hills, and crazy times! I can´t wait for you to get down here!

Mike and I share a love for Pablo Cohelo´s The Alchemist...and as it says in The Alcheimst....¨Maktub¨my friend. Which means ¨it is written¨.

See you soon!


sorry about the pic Mike...I stole it off your facebook account!

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