Monday, January 26, 2009

It´s like riding with one leg

Mike and I at Playa Las Lajas, Panama


I don't even know where to start with this bro...

Thanks for making this trip man. You have no idea how much it meant to me. At first I was in such a state of shock because I couldn't believe that you actually made it to Panama. You have a ton of stuff going on back home and you made some serious sacrifices getting get down here. What you did for me, this fundraiser and for the kids that are benefiting from the funds that we've raised is huge.

I thought when you had to leave that it would be hard as hell to continue. I thought that it would be like riding with one leg. Instead it's been quite the opposite. My batteries are charged brother! I got a long journey ahead of me and the time we spent together was great.

A few things we learned while in Panama...

Panamanian women love jazz
Panamanian cigars are better when having a "big boy cut"
Never underestimate the Panamanian butty bump in the club
Arrozo, fijoles can pollo is the best meal ever! All day baby!
Coca Cola does keep you up at night
Naming bikes is a good thing especially when you got 5 kilometers left
Biker guuuu is amazing
We don't look good in biker shorts

But more importantly...

Take it one day at a time
Little chunks
Let the bike do the work
Have fun
Smile, even if you don't know why...there's usually a smile waiting for you on the other side
Grassroots fundraising events do work...and do make a difference
enthusiasm and optimism do bring you good things
positivity can conquer

I had a great moment today. There's a stretch of road about 15 kilometers before the Panamanian and Costa Rican border. It's about 7 kilometers long. I hit this stretch earlier today. It was a straight road, slightly down hill, the scenery was beautiful. Jungle and rolling green hills on both sides. I was on an amazing pace I felt like I was flying. The sun and wind were hitting my back. I felt one with the bike and the road. On top of that I wasn't worried about being alone. I wasn't worried about the massive amounts of kilometers and hills. I was in the moment man. It was perfect. I was thinking of friends and family back home. I was sending you thanks for a crazy journey in Panama. I would like to call these moments, of being in the now, with the bike, the road, the environment and feeling the love the T Factor. So...from here on out...if you here me say the T Factor its because of you brother. I got a long journey ahead and so do you in many ways. Lets hope that there full of the T!

Thanks Mike T Ward! I appreciate all the support....


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