Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Panama it's been real!

A picture of the border crossing at Paso Canos

Panama will always have a special place in my heart. It's where a dream was launched. Panama had been good to me. A few months ago I decided to give back and create a grassroots charitable fundraising event to help children living in poverty. Panama was the launching point. I was in the country for nearly a month.

At first Panama kinda got on my nerves, but after a while I learned to love the small differences about the country. Once I did that it opened up quite nicely. Getting out of Panama City was also an eye opening experience. The people were some of the kindest around. Everyone was quick with a smile and a waive as Mike and I passed through along the streets and on the Pan Americana. We encountered beaches, big rigs, road kill, farms, farmers, cowboys, tarantulas, wild beautiful birds, flat tires, strange night clubs, big hearty meals and made new friends.

Thanks for the love Panama...I'll miss you


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James said...


I will buy your used, abused and now ugly Brooks saddle at the end of journey. Those old saddles just loose their charm after several thousand arduous miles.

Good luck on your ride and hopefully you meet your fund-raising goal and more.

Ride Safely,

James Radke