Friday, January 9, 2009

The First donation! 5 Bucks!

Hey Plan...5 bucks is coming you´re way!

My first donation. I got it from an Aussie from Melbourn. He was travelling with a buddy. They were stuck at Balboa hostel for a week because they were having a bit of banking problems. There cool Aussie´s. Typical backpackers looking for a bit of adventure. They were a few days away from taking a 4 day boat from Panama City to Cartagena, Colombia.

They were looking for a South America lonely planet book. I was looking for a Central America Lonely Planet book. Luckily, I had one on me. I just arrived from Cusco, Peru and was looking to off load my book. They were doing a bit of travelling in Central America and were looking for a swap. They were super excited about the chance encounter. They wanted to give me some money for it but instead I asked for a kind donation to the cause.

With that, I received my first donation. $5!

Thanks guys!

Have fun in Colombia...


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