Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mike's in Town

I made sure to hook up a quality bike for Mike before he arrived into town!

Grabbing a coffe and catching up in a cool Cuban Cafe in Casco Viejo.

Mike and I at the Panama Canal. We were both blown away at how the huge boats moved so quickly through the canal.

Doing some last minute prep work before we take off on the trip. Mike is riding from Panama City to David. David is about 50 kilometers away from the Panama-Costa Rica border. He´s riding about 550 kilometers or about 300 miles in 12 days. Were excited...a bit nervous but we know that we can handle any problems that may come up. We got the positive energy on our side!

Checking into the hostel in Panama City!

So Mike actually made it to Panama. I got to the airport about an hour before his plane landed. I wanted to make sure that my buddies transition into town went smoothly. The time gave me a moment to do a bit of reflecting on the trip and what this experience meant to me and Mike alike. I keep telling myself, ¨I can´t believe he´s coming¨! In all amazing is this!?
I told Mike about this trip a few months back. I wanted to get some advice on the trip from a good friend. I knew he give me some honest feedback. He said that it was a great idea and to boot he bought a plane ticket to join me for the first 2 weeks of the trip.
Mike is full of positive energy and confidence. He´s the best type of partner to have for an adventure like this. For Mike there is a lot of unknowns about the trip. But he always comes up with the same conclusion, ¨be positive, take it slow, work hard and it will all turn out ok.¨Hell ya buddy...thats exactly right. Needless to say, he lets me worry about the details! hahaah!
So we leave tomorrow. Were going to take it easy for the first two weeks. From what we hear the road is pretty flat untill about day 8 or 9. That should give us some time to sort work out any kinks.
Wish us luck!

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