Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rolling up to the beach

We found a beach! There´s nothing than relaxing in a hammock, watching the waves roll in after a long day on the bike.

La Chorrera- San Carlos 50k

The road conditions have gotten much better! I was a bit freaked out about cobra road. It kind snaked down and up hills with a ton of gravel for about 20 kilometers. Today the road was clear, flat and a lot less cars.

After about 50k´s of riding Mike and I hit the jackpot. We found a really cool beach town community in San Carlos. It´s a great little spot for surfers and swimmers. They even had a tent which was perfect at $5 a night.

Setting up the tent!
Not a bad view from the hammock.
Ok...Ok... I debated wheather or not to add this pic. But I thought I would have to. This picture was taken after Mike and I climed a hill for about an hour. This is a typical scene on the Pan American. Even though this may look a bit scarry I can honestly say that cars and trucks have been great on the road. Most slow down and get over a lane or two if they can. On top of that all day we see truckers waiving and honking wishing us well.
Mike is getting wayyyyy overrrrr.....
Taking a break after a big hill.
Getting a bit of stretching in before the day.
Grub meal!


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ericjones said...

that bike path looks pretty good...unless it's gravel.