Friday, January 30, 2009

Is that guy riding in chaps?

Rio Claro - Dominical 120 kilometers

Big day! The biggest yet. Everything was running great. The legs felt perfect and I wanted to make it to Dominical. A small Beach town on the pacific coast.

The Costa Rican back country is spectacular for cycling!

Hey Mike... don{t worry about me going off by myself. I got a partner. This guy is bad too! Check out his big machete dangling from his neck.
So Ricardo and I rode for a bit today. Ricardo is from Buesnas Aries originally he lives in Palmer Norte and is a farmer on a small plantation 10 kilometers south from his home. He makes the commute everyday by bike. He says that its good for him. Although he hates when the big trucks dont slow down a bit. My spanish was on fire today!
Oh ya...hes riding in chaps...biker short moment of the day!

A small church along the Panamericano. I tried to get closer but there were the HUGE Iguanas in the bushes!


A moment on a bridge.


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