Friday, January 30, 2009

270 kilometers in 3 days...time for a break at the beach

Dominical- Jaro 60 kilometers

Im all about the Casado. Cheap, quick, varity and great energy food. Check out the Imperial! Costa Ricas finest cerveza.
Ceasar got me to the beach. Its been a tough three days but we made it!

Can you see the road through the trees? Its so nice hearing the waves crash onto the beach as your hauling through the jungle. Days like this are the best!

I love these fruit huts. They make for a great break in the day. This day was 36 degrees! Freakin hot man and humid as heck! Chop up another watermelon buddy! Check out the kid in the background. Hes probably 13 and running the shop.

Ok...ok....I know what your thinking. Its a pic of me on the bus. Well I had too!
The day started at 4.45am. I had to catch this bus because the road for 40 kilometers is one of the worst in Costa Rica. It goes along the pacific coast. Apparently the government doesnt want to pave it because they know there will be a huge rush of gringros ready to buy up all the pristine beach land. was an early start. At first, the bus driver told me that I couldnt bring the bike on. F that man! I got up too early to walk away in defeat. After paying the dude off, something like $2, my bike and I were quickly aboard.
The day started off fine but then things fell apart.
It was SO HOT! Something like 36 degrees. It was the longest 60k yet. On top of that I was nearly to the beach when I blew ANOTHER tire. I finally fixed the tire, dripping in sweat and all greasy when my pump broke! AAAAHHHHHH! Frustrated I tried to put everything on the bike. Then I got my finger stuck somewhere and a piece of metal ate threw my skin on my findger. Now blood everywhere! Damn I needed the beach.
Another crazy thing happened as well. So Im making some adjustments to my bike when this silver Jeep rolls by me. The dude driving is waiving and yelling or something. Hey I know those guys. If you follow the postings youll know that it was the guys from the Costa Rica-Panama border and the same dudes from the hostel in Panama City from 3 weeks ago. They turned around and we chatted on the street for a minute or two. Crazy stuff...I know people even on small backroads in Costa Rica. The people in the back of the jeep were like...Who the hell is this dude and how do our friends know this guy!? hilarious! Biker short moment of the day.
Bus stop...
Eventually we made it. Beaten up...bloody...half full tire.

Time for a day off!



Susan Cline - said...

I hope your finger feels better. Keep it up!

coyote said...

hey dude, im glad you´re making it farther north! Sorry that the flats are getting you. Check ur email.