Friday, January 23, 2009

Panamanian Backroads

Getting the morning coffee on. Panama´s coffe is damn good but I take 2 or 3 before the first ride. I need the energy!

Santiago-Sona 45 kilometers
This was the most beautiful day yet. So I made a bit of a miscalculation with kilometers and towns. I did a bunch of planning before I left but of course things come up, after all Í´m in Central America.

So we decided to leave the Pan American behind a take an alternative route to a place called Sona. Lonely planet say´s, ¨every 5 business´are a bar, and they have 2 hotel´s¨. Well here we come. I don´t want to have to knock on some farmers door and ask to camp in there yard...not yet anyway.

So here Mike and I are trying to find the road to Sona. Of course we get a bit lost and end up riding 5 kilometers (up hill...Mike´s pissed...hahahaha) past the turnoff. We ask some highschool kid on a kids bmx bike for directions. He´s talking SUPER fast but we eventually figure out that we missed the turn. After getting a few more directions fom the locals (lento...lento...amigo is becoming my favorite phrase) we find the road.

The road isn´t paved and up hill. Finally we get to a paved part and we find ourselves in the most beautiful back country. Rolling green hills, jungle, palm trees, bamboo huts, farmers waving and saying good morning, not many cars, everyhting. Were having a blast!

Finally we make Sona! Great day!

I almost crashed into a wall on a bridge somewhere in Panama´s back country trying to take this one!

Mike´s cruising along.

Taking a second to enjoy the scenery!

Local kids waiving us on.


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