Thursday, January 22, 2009

102 Klicks...go baby go!

¨Children form a disproportionate part of the population in developing countries, over 50 per cent is some national contexts. In any given population, children are disproportionately poor. Women and girls bear much of the brunt of the poverty, facing heavy farm labour in rural areas and the need to collect fuel and water. In urban areas, children are often employed in harsh working conditions, unprotected despite child labour laws or social welfare systems. In the context of both rural and urban poverty, children are perceived as economic assets, many of them, especially girls, do not attend school because their contribution to household income forms a critical part of the survival of their family.¨

Penonome- Santiago 102 Kilometers

We´ll we decided to double up on a day of riding. The bikes were feeling good. Our legs felt strong and we didn´t mind catching up on a day, after all Mike only has 2 weeks before he has to get back to work. It was a super long day along the Pan Americana. We rode for about 12 hours stopping for lunch and to take a few pictures. Either way it was nice to test out the legs to see if they can hold. Before we left when I was doing a bit of planning I figured that I had to average about 100 kilometers per ride.

Above is a cool picture of a trurtle. There was a strecth of about 25 kilometers along the interamericana that had some cool murals.

Another mural along the way.

This was a great surprise. We stopped for lunch in a small small town called tata. We were actually supposed to stop here for the night but we arrived at about 10 in the morning. No way were we going to stop sooooo soon! This is actually one of the oldest churches in Latin America. One of the first churches that the Spanish built when they were searching the country for mysterious gold.

Pondering the road ahead.

Mike holding the world up!

The scenery started to get A LOT better. At first the scenery was nothing but billboards and trucks flying by. As we got further and further away from Panama City the billboards went away, the trucks were fewer and fewer and the mountains started to creep up! It was an amazing ride through Panama.

Mike is chillin´!

I think this was the second time I poped Mike´s 1 day! damnit!!!


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