Monday, January 26, 2009

Another 2 days

Sona-Playa Las Lajas 80 kilometers
Playa Las Lajas- David 85 kilometers
Mike rolling into the hostel.

He's not all that to happy in this pic. We had some serious soul searching to do on his last day. We were 5 kilometers from town...5..and he got a flat tire. On top of that we had no other tubes. To call a cab or not to call a cab that is the question. "Mike...dude..let's call a cab." Mike looks disgusted, "really bro." I reply, "well it's looking that way." Mike doesnt want to talk anymore. He looks down at Goodsby (his bike) and mentally asks Goodsby if he's got 5 klicks left. We've almost come 500 kilometers and were not about to freakin give up now! Mike and I do a crap job at patching some tires and Mike, the champ, rides 5 klicks on a half deflated tire and makes it to the hostel. I guess it couldn't be an easy landing!
Mike is doing some last repairs before our last day to David. Check out the ladies in the backgroud. There from a small typical village in the hills near Las Lajas. There handmade cloths are super cool.

Sunset at Playa Las Lajas.

Another sunset. Not a bad view from the hammock.

Not a bad place to camp for the night. $5 a night. Direct view of the ocean. Listening to the waves as you fall asleep. Great way to end the day after 12 hours of riding.

In all seriousness these birds posed for this picture. Once they saw the camera they were fighting for the good spot on the stick.

The beach baby! check ths out. Mike and I rode 12 hours the day before. We finally make it to the beach and set up the tent (in the dark). We get woken up to this maddness...some locals blairing crappy electronic/salsa/reggeaton at 7.30am on a sunday. These guys have no shame. And yes...this car pictured here is a taxi!

We took a day off at the beach and DID NOTHING!

After the 12 hours we were rewarded with this! Amazing sunset.
I'm not happy here. Lonely Planet declares that the 13 kilometer road from Las Lajas to Playa Las LAjas is paved. OUt rip went from 45 minutes to 3 hours after riding for 10! Damn you LP and your outdated BS!

Cruising through the beautiful back country in Panama.

Ya baby!

The road off the Americana was beautiful. The road from Santiago to Sona was a cyclists dream. Few cars, some hills and beautiful countryside.

So check out the dude in the hat (no, not Mike). These Panamanian dudes love to wear their hats like this. Mike and I always ask them (in english) if they just walked into a wall. They never respond...
Great view!

A cool farmer proudly poses for a picture. Im off in the distance somewhere trying to change my tire.
Taking a break.

Mike takes about 45 minutes to get his "white trash saddle bags" ready. Thanks again for the riverrafting bags dad, they worked out great!


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