Thursday, January 22, 2009


The name is Ceasar.

I´ve been trying to come up with a name for the bike for a few days now. I´ve had a few ideas but nothing stuck, nothing was even verbalized.

Here´s the story...

Mike and I obviously have a lot of time to talk, to say the least. Hahahaah. One reacurring theme that we have is this. ¨One day at a time...One day at a time¨. You see, everytime I start to think about Costa Rica or Honduras or Mexico I start to get excited and then I start to get really overwhelmed. It´s thoughts like those that can really hurt a trip like this. Sometimes I think I can be my own worst enemy. I start to think about the $15,000 goal that we want to raise for kids in Central America. I start to think about the extra equipment that I´m going to need for the bike. I start to think about donors that I need to contact. It can be quite paralyzing really. Then I take a step to Mike a bit...and we both come back to our mantra. ¨One day at a time¨.

So Mike and I climb this BIG ASS hill. Mike and I are heaving and sweating like never before. Were taking a break at a small bus stop and enjoying the scenery and trying not to get dust in our eyes from the trucks flying by. By the way...these cliff bars are damn good for a long haul bike trip.

I start think about my legs and how they feel like jello. I start to curse in my head a bit because, of course, I´m getting a bit worried about the ride. Will my legs make it?

Aaron- ¨Rome wasn´t built in a day!¨ (trying to calm myself down here)

Mike- ¨Ya baby...One day at a time. Did you see that hill man...huge!¨

Aaron-(That´s not what I needed to hear.) ¨Ya man...crazy stuff!¨

Another bus zooms bye.

Mike- ¨Cesar...that´s it. Rome wasn´t built in a day. One day at a time.¨

Aaron- ¨The name. Hell ya! One day at at a time. (Speaking to the bike) Alright Cesar...let´s do this for the kids!)

Mike- (10 minutes later) ¨I can´t believe that stuck!


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