Friday, March 27, 2009

Biker short moment of the day

two biker short moments....

Im trying to get to San Blas, Mexico. Its about 125 kilometers north of Sayulita. No problem! Im about 30 kilometers away and decide to take a break in this town. I try to take a ton of breaks during the day because my bum gets a bit sore plus its important to stay hydrated. For whatever reason the people in this random town are looking at me like Im a freakin mad man. I guess my appearance has changed. I got a beard. I have this scarf I use as a head bad and ya I got this bike thing that Im pushing around.

So I go into a little shop and grab a yogurt drink and a gatorade. Pretty much the only healthy thing these places have. Im standing outside enjoying my drink when this mini van pulls up in front of me. This 4 year old kids looks at me and then looks at the bike and then back at me. Hes a cute little guy just checking out the town but is just amazed by the bike and me. He dazes off into a look of wonderment at the bike. I finally give the guy a head nob to kinda say hello. He realizes he is staring at me then gets this look of shock on his face. Thn his eyebrows squint together and he looks REALLY SCARED!

He slowly leans back into his captain chair and then I notice the window being slowly rolled up. Like I was going to jack the car or some thing! hahah! Then...ya theres more...he keeps sliding down into the chair and hides behind the door.

Do I really look that bad????

number 2

Im about a day or so away fro Mazatlan. The scenery has changed a bit. I notice on both sides of the road that there are farms with sometype of seeds that are being harvested. Something something cool to look at. The scenery was cool and it was a perfect day. Blue sky and I was getting excited for Mazatlan.

Then about 10 minutes later I see these 3 giant big rigs flying down the road. No big deal except that there was this giant cloud that was following the big rigs. Big problem...giant gey cloud moving fast towards me when I havent seen a cloud in months...kinda strange. Then I heard rain. Ya...rain... This was getting strange. So weired in fact that I almost pulled over.

Then as the big rigs approached I started to get pelted by something. IT WAS RAINING SEEDS! pouring down on me pelting my hurt! This was new. I guess there was nothing I could do...laugh it off...


Off to Mazatlan baby!!!!

Sunset in Sayulita!

This place was amazing.

Here are the next few days....

3/27 Sayulita - San Blas 80 k
3/28 San Blas - Acaponeta 142 k
3/29 Acaponeta - Mazatlan 158 k

This picture was taken outside  the "only hostel in Sayulita". It was a cool place with a chilled out Reggea vibe.

The two guys on the side of me were from the South of the US. Great guys on spring break. We had many conversations about the market because they were about to graduate in a few months. They are construction management majors so we had a bit in common because of my real estate background. 

All the way on my left is Elliot. Super cool guy from Indiana. He just finished his 27 months in the peace corpse. He was in Nicaragua where he taught Environmental sciene in a small village near Lago Nicaragua. The guy has traveled all over the world and now he was following his dream of bussing it back to Austin Texas from Nicaragua to meet his friends for his birthday.

A cool church in a small town along the way to San Blas from Sayulita.

Almost to Mazatlan. This is huge because this is the end of "main land" Mexico. Once I get to Mazatlan I take a ferry to Baja. At this point Im about a 2 day ride to Mazatlan.

The ride from Sayulita to San Blas was one of the most spectacular rides of the trip.

Getting closer to San Blas the country really started to change. I felt like I was back in Costa Rica because everything started to get super green.

Great views.

Here is a biker short moment of the day. When I was riding to Acaponeta from San Blas I had a decision to make. There are two rodes that get there. One is a nice and new paved autopista that cars have to pay to use. The other is an old, winding road thats free. I opted for the new road because the shoulder was huge and there were less cars. Well this kind of turned into a mistake because on this rode there were no shops or places to fill up on water. It was EXTREMELY hot and I didnt have enough water on me. The rode was also super long and there wasnt even really a place to stop in the shade. was a long hard haul with no stops. By the time I got to a tienda I was about 5 kilometers out of town. I was exhausted and dehydrated. I got some gatorade and water and took a seat in this guys little dusty shop. Next thing I knew I passed out in the chair with my legs up on this dude truck. Anyway...something like a half hour went by and I was so tired that it took him a few seconds to shake me out of it. It was seriously time for a break.

Peace, Power and Pedal


Another reflection

Something happened to me in Mexico. I don't know if I entered into an eternal phase of riders high, or what? I'm not really sure.

A couple things we can talk about here. 

Cycling through Mexico has been really tough. It has been extremely challenging. Looking back I think the hardest part has been the stretch from Guatemala City, through the Mexican states of Chiapas and Oaxaca to the city of Puerto Escondido. It has been hard. The days on the bike were probably about 8 or 9 hours each. The whole thing took me about 9 days and I probably rode about 135 kilometers per day. The numbers were pretty big but that's not why it was so hard. It was hard because the scenery, for the most part was dry and flat and also because it got extremely lonely out there. Besides those factors it was also hot as hell! At that point of the trip the size of Mexico was also really getting to my head, Mexico was huge and that mental barrier hurt. At this stage of the game it was also the half way point. Things began to drag and drag out slowly, which made the whole thing even harder. I guess if you had to put it into one word it would be suffering. Something, I guess, I'm not really used to.

But along the route something changed. I hit certain milestones. I started to get physically stronger and healthier. I started to consistently hit 135 kilometer days, my legs started to really hit a stride. Then the scenery got a bit better and things started to look up. When I finally hit Sayulita things were so different for me. Life in Sayulita was amazing. I got to a cool surfer beach town, made friends and had some time to look back and reflect. Life in Sayulita was liberating because I felt I was getting closer to home. I was reaching the goal. Sitting on the beach and passing stories back with my buddy Elliott I was able to look at that time in the south of Mexico and realize how hard it was and then I realized that I got through such a hard time physically, emotionally and spiritually. And here I was in Sayulita. I really could appreciate every second in Sayulita even more.

Changing thoughts here....When I got to Sayulita I had sometime to think about the bike trip, think about the children that I met and think about my travels over the past year. I think this bike trip has truly given me the feeling of accomplishment and liberation. Around the year 2003, about a year after I graduated college I came up with a dream to "give it all up" and travel the world. At that time I was in kind of a rut. I was in a job I didn't necessarily like that was lacking direction and passion, I was with a girlfriend and we eventually broke up, I was living in a cool and cute apartment in a nice district of San Francisco but it wasn't a very inspiring place. Things were moving along but I wanted something more....I wanted to travel. A couple of things changed from that point I got a job that I was good at, in real estate, I parted ways with the girlfriend and I moved into an amazing apartment in North Beach in San Francisco. Life really picked up. Things were looking better but honestly I was still looking for more inspiration...more passion. 

I still had the travel bug, I still wanted to travel. 

A few things happened at this point the crash of the real estate market and eventually the market as a whole was on the horizon. The writing was on the wall and my business partner and I were looking for a change. Bush was still in office but he was quickly going to be out the door. Names like Clinton and Obama were all over the place with Rhetoric of "change" and "new direction". So an opportunity arose. My business was closing and it was time to make some decisions. I didn't have a wife, no kids, no mortgage, no job and a bit of cash. So, in 2007 I decided to per sue my 5 year old dream and travel the world. I was ready for the NEW DIRECTION I was ready for the CHANGE I was ready to see the world. So, on November 19, 2007 with a 9 month around the world plane ticket in hand, and no apartment and relatively small belongings, my buddy Davy and his sister dropped me off at SFO airport 3 hours before an American Airline plane was set to depart for Bangkok, Thailand.

So here I am 17 months later with no apartment, no car, no belongings, a bike and a heart full of experiences. Being in Sayulita I feel like I made this trip everything that I wanted it to be. I feel liberated because I realize that "more is less". I feel like I set a HUGE goal and I accomplished it. I feel changed because I was supposed to be home months ago but seeing the beauty this world has to offer but also getting in touch with the issues has inspired me to the point where I felt that I had to pick up a bike and try to make a change was important to me. 

I wonder...what will the rest of this trip bring me?

Peace, Power and Pedal


Heres the plan....

So here is the plan....

Im in Sayulita at the moment. I have 3 days of riding until I hit Mazatlan. Mazatlan is a huge step! Seriously. Its a big mental and physical win for me. My book says that from Tapachula to Mazatlan its 2,200 kilometers.

From Maztlan Ill take a day off. From there I hop on a 17 hour ferry and cross to La PAz in Baja California. One in Baja I hope to ride straight threw. Something like 14 days or less if I can make it. That is probably going to be one of the biggest tests of all. 14 days straight of riding. The most Ive done has been 9 and that was killer. The 9 day ride was from Guatemala City to Puerto Escondido. That was such a long and hard ride and the scenery was bland at times.

Baja is going to be different. Its supposed to be a bikers dream. Thats how my buddy Jeff explained it back in Panama City. From what Ive heard and from what Ive seen its supposed to be beautiful. Im a bit worried because its also a very desolate place. Sometimes there ae gaps that are about 200 kilometers long with only a few pueblitas around. Wish me luck!

From Baja I get to Tijuana. Im a bit worried about TJ because of all the negative news. I hope to get to Rosarita the night before and make the 25 kilometer ride to TJ in the morning and cross the border asap. Some people said I should take a taxi but I honestly think that may be more dangerous.

From Tj my first day off will be in San Diego. I got a few friends there plus Ill need the rest. Then Im off to LA LA Land! We have a party scheduled in Hollywood for the 18th that my buddy Evan is helping to throw. Its a fundraiser for the village in Guatemala. Hopefully that will help with the donations.

Then my great friend Rob meets me in LA to ride back to San Francisco. Rob is taking the first flight to LA from San Jose. Hes going to wear his biker shorts on the plane and assemble his bike in the LAX airport. How hilarious is that! then were off. From LA to SF its usually a 7 day ride. Were going to try to make it in 5. Again...wish us luck.

Some serious momentum is on the horizon. Were at $5,000 right now in donations. Amazing really! But...the goal is $15,000. Were throwing a big party in San Francisco on the 25th. We hope that brings in a couple of bucks. Plus we hope to get some donations that last week as well. Im sooooo nervous and overwhelmed right now. I want to hit the mark so bd. I want to make sure the people in Jalapa get their school. They deserve it...truly....

Peace, Power and Pedal


Im so torn up!

Seriously...Im so damn torn up...

I have 3 socks left.

I havent done my laundry in 12 days. I only have a few jerseys and get the picture.

When I was getting into Vallarta I heard some change hitting the ground. A few minutes latter I heard it again. My bag was ripping and money was falling into the street.

My headphones broke.

The past two nights I slept on the beach witch was great. Only thing is NOTHING dries overnight. Everything is sloppy wet the day before. Ahhhhhh putting on wet gloves, shorts and socks in the morning is awesome!

I have an asortment of bugs splattered on my arms and legs.

I have large ash stains on my face from the small fires along the roads.

I have these wild tan lines everywhere.

Im soooo torn up!

Time for a day off.

Aaron inspire me!

I was living in Santiago de Chile on election night. Even in a country so far away all eyes were on the event. I found a cool bar in a ritz neighborhood in Santiago that was full of ex-pats. It was awesome to be with some Americans on such a big night. The atmospher was electric. The next day everyone was throwing up high fives because they too were watching the event. The next day in my spanish class we dedicated the day of Spanish to talk about you. We pick up new words like Cambio and Si, Podemos. It was awesome.

You ran on a ticket of change and you won! You mentioned in your inaguration the need to give back. You mentioned that Americans should help where they can and get back to their roots.

It just so happened that you won the election right around the time I was debating the next step in my life. I was thinking about coming home. I was looking at finding a teaching job somewhere in South America. In the back of my mind I wa thinking about a fundraiser. I wanted to do something to help children living in poverty.

Obama you in spire me. Your words of change and helping others really helped me to make my decion about this fundraiser. It didnt matter that your a democratic or a republican. All that mattered was the fact that what you said had meaning and truth behind it.

Thank you...


Taco Me!

Lets just say that I can wow any taco stand people.
I can seriously eat these days. I ride for at least 8 hours a day and because of that my apetite is threw the roof. Most people sit down and get 3 or 4 maybe 5 tacos. I on the other hand get straight to work. 5 tacos please. They always give me kinda a stange look at that point. I fly through the first tacos. I put al the toppings on! ¨5 more please¨! They ALWAYS give me a smile or a quick chuckle. Sometimes other people at the stand eye me a little closer. They next 5 tacos slow me down a bit. Usually the girl behind the counter will tell me how much I owe while taking my plate away. Thats when I have my chance...¨5 more please¨! ¨wow¨ the sometimes say. This one time this guy, at least 300 pounds or somehting, even gave me a ¨good job¨when I went for the 15!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The long Haul to Sayulita

One last sunset in Acapulco before I head off on another huge leg of the trip. Heres the plan. Im in Acapulco at the moment and the next stage is from Acapulco to Sayulita. Sayulita is a small surf town about 35 kilometers north of Puerto Vallarta. The next stage of the trip is a HUGE one maybe even bigger than the Guatemala City to Puerto Escondido trip. So here we go...

3/17 Acapulco - San Luis San Pedro 150 k

3/18 San Luis San Pedro - Zihuatanjo 110k

3/19 Zihuatanjo - Playa Azul 124k

3/20 Playa Azul - Maurata 122k

3/21 Maurata - Manzanillo 176k

3/22 Manzanillo - Tiny beach town near Morelos 131k

3/23 Morelos - Puerto Vallarta 122k

3/24 Puerto Vallarta - Sayulita 35k

The first day out was no problem. Check out the shoulder in this picture. Awesome! The road was nice and the scenery was perfect. Tons of coconut plantations and the mountains were off in the distance.

This was totally crazy! I was just crusing down the freeway when I swore I saw a freakin Bengal Tiger. Yup! Check it out! Lion, tiger, bears, and even a small monkey cage!

The road on this stretch started to get super close to the ocean. Theres a stretch of about 250 kilometers that hugs the pacific coast. These days are really the best. When the scenery is good nothing else really matters. I find that Ive been doing a lot of singin these days. Weather is perfect, good music on the IPOD...let it rip!


Check it out...Zihuatanjo. The funniest thing happened the night before. Shawshank Redemtion was on TV. I love that movie. This is the town where they dissapear to. ¨Hope Red....I hoe to see you in Zihuatanjo. Because hope is all we got!¨

Great little town with cobblestone streets, resturants, cafes and tons of taco stands. I was hoping to meet a few people here but Mexico is dead. There are no tourists here at all. The economy crunch plus the travel warnings have seriously kept people out.

Perfect sunset in Zihuatanjo. I had a few minutes to walk along the beach and just relax!

This was a nasty sight. Big ol factory off in the distance. I stopped in this little town that serviced all the factory workers. A few of the workers were super curious about my travels. I heard a few of them say, ¨loco gringo¨ under their breath...nothing new fellas!

Playa Azul was a nice break. I found this camp site but this place was super hot! I couldnt really get the tent together in the intense sun so I opted for a cooler room near the beach. These little beach towns are perfect. Usually they have a few resturants on the beach, cheep beer and a laid back vibe.

Time to relax a bit after a 124 kilometer day....

The road from Playa Azul to Maurate was one of the most amazing days of the trip. The road followed the coast the entire day. The spirts were high, the bike was running great and everyone that passed by was super cool. Were their hills??? Ohhh ya...but that didnt seem to matter because the views were perfect. One day I hope to come back to this stretch of land. Theres a ton of hidden beaches everywhere. Most of the beaches litterally only have 1 little shrimp shack and nothing else.

There was also a good omen this morning. I was cruising along the road with not a person in sight when I saw this impressive Eagle sitting in the middle of the road. He was looking the other way. I stopped peddaling and let my momentum catch up. When I was about a meter away he finally heard me and started flaping his wings as hard as possible. He got a slow start and at one point I got right next to him and we started to race down the road. It was amazing. Finally he headed up and out but it was a cool moment.

Sweaty after an hour climb!

Amazing little beaches. There also no problem with pulling into these places and setting up camp.
The view was amazing and worth the climb. For about 50 kilometers it was 4 or 5 kilometers up and then down. You get the instant reward of climbing the hill but it was a tuf workout.

Ya baby!

After 122 kilometers of some of the best road Ive seen I finally made it to Maurate. A beautiful little beach tucked a few kilometers from the main road.

When I got into the beach there was a group of about 10 people my age. They were camping and volunteering on the next beach over. They were there to Save the Sea Turtles. Super cool people with some amazing stories. Later that night I was hanging out with a few new friends, one of them a volunteer at the other beach, when the owner of the resturant came running over. Apparently a few months back one of the sea turtles laid some eggs right next door and that night the babies were hatching. They were having some trouble finding the ocean so we had an opportunity to help. They are precious little creatures!

So tiny!

ya, they tickle in your hand!

Happy Birthday to me! Nothing like a little yoga on the beach at sunrise on my birthday. The sunrise was amazing.

Rasing the sun rising over the hill.

My birthday was perfect. I had planned to go about 150 kilometers this day. The first half of the day followed the ocean. Heres a cool picture after an hour climb to the top of this giant hill!

From the ocean to the coconut plantations. The day was very diverse.

So I decided to bypass my destination at the 150 kilometer mark and keep pushing forward. I felt great, Ceasar was running in top shape, it was my birthday and I wanted to see what these old 29 year old legs could do. It was a TOTAL RUSH when I passed the turnoff for the 150 kiometer stop. I knew that everyhting had to run perfectly or I would get caught in the dark. Plus this was going to be my biggest day of the trip. 176 kilometers. Why not? I wanted to get to Manzanillo because I heard some cool things. Maybe...just maybe...if the legs are up to hit I could hit a club or something and do a bit of dancing. That would be amazing!

The last 30 kilometers was a beautiful paved autopista with a wide shoulder. I was getting super tired and really needed a pick-me-up. Right about that time I saw a ton of kids linning up along the freeway. They were doing a Passing of the torch relay from Mexico City to Manzanillo in honor of a passed away Mexican President. I was right in the middle of their race. They were so excited to me rolling down the street. So I decided to give the kids high 5´s for 25 kilometers. That was the perfect pick-me-up.

After that this giant truck pulls up next to me and slowly rolls down the window. This happens every few days. Usually its a tourist trying to get a better look or someone has a question or wants to take a picture. This time this guy starts asking me how many kilometers I rode this day, where I was going and where I started. It turns out that this guy leads bike trip from Mexico City to Cusco, Peru. They have a crew and everything. It takes the group around 110 days. Crazy! Sounds like fun. Anyway...after I told him that it was my biggest day at 175 kilometers and my birthday him and his crew start hooking me up with water, fruit, gatorades and everyhting. I sure needed it because the blood sugar was starting to get real low! Thanks guys!
A few beautiful lakes surround Manzanillo.
Thats a joke...right?

There it is!

Mazanillo to this tiny beach was a wild day. The day started of with a cool, nice, flat road then it got scary hilly. After a tiresome ride I found this super small shrimp shack on the side of the road. I decided to get a drink and take a look at the map. The next town was at least 30 kilometers away. I was exhauste and it was starting to get a bit late. The lady told me that if I went back up the road to the dirt road and under the bridge I would find a small little beach with a resturant. Well...why not? After pushing Ceasar through the sand and dirt and through somehting that resembled a swamp I saw this gringo chick walking down the street. Now this was a bit odd...I was in the middle of nowhere and this beach wasnt on my map or in the Lonely Planet. Anyway there was this wild group of hippies camped on a different beach. She invited me over but I think by the looks of her swagger they were having a bit too much fun. I passed and then found this magical little spot.

Sunset in Manzanillo. Perfect on my birthday.

This is a good one. So I pull into my hotel in Manzanillo and see this couple watching the sunset on the other side of the pool area. Ya...the place had a pool...I had to upgrade for the B day. Anyway...we all start talking and sharing stories when Darryl tells me he has a mountain bike with him.

Side note...Im trying desperatly to get someone to join me spontanously on this ride. Maybe this is it.

I tell Darryl that he shuold join me. I tell him stories about how beautiful Baja is and how it would help the kids. He likes the idea but I dont think he wife was into it as much. Anyway...before Darryl and his wife take off I try one last ditch effort. I tell him to meet me along the road at about 7.30am. I tell him to look for the Tank on 2 wheels. I kinda forgot about that last part of the conversation and head off for a nightclub in town. No nightclub so off to bed.

So the next morning rolls around and Im cruising down the road that follows the beach. I see a break in the hotels and resturants that gives off to a great view of the bay in Manzanillo. I go over to take a picture. When I slow down I hear someone calling my name. WHAT THE HECK?? It startled me and it took a second to register but there Darrly was...all ready to go with his bike! Amazing!

So here we are. I got a teamate for the day. Darryl even spells me on the big bike and I get his mountain bike. We ride for about 40 kilometers or so. Have an amazing lunch. Pass a few stories back and forth. What an amazing surprise. It was so nice to get a break from the bike but mostly it was such an energizing feeling to ride with another person. Literally for the entire day and the net day I thought about how cool that was and how awesome the ride was. It really helped me get my mind off the road. Thanks Darryl!!!

Here is that dirt road that led to that little hidden beach.

The little beach.

When I pulled into the beach I was blown away because it was so beautiful. It was this little tiny cove tucked away. On the right was this rocky little hill. When the sunset it lit up all the cacti that were perched on top the hill. On top of that I was able to make a few new friends. I met this Mexican family from Guadaljara. The guy was a doctor and he was with his wife and family. They made sure I got a good meal...some homemade ceviche and made sure I had a cold Modelo at all times. He said he saw me about 4 hours back and was curious because I looked like a grino but my shirt had EL SALVADOR on the back. Im sure he was a bit confussed. Either way it made for a nice afternoon.

This is typical. So I see this sign for Vallarta 113. Then I go about 30 kilometers and see another Vallarata sign for 75 kilometers. Then I go another 25 kilometers at least and see another Vallarata sing that say 72 kilometers. That really can kill the mood!

Its been about 7 days of long and hard riding. Im exhausted so I went for a bit of a pick me up. Almost to Vallarta!

The ride to PV was a hard one. I had a 30 kilometer climb. I got so high that the weather and the scenery totally changed. The plant life was completely different!

It was like being back in the jungle.

Im so ready to get off this bike!

In all honesty this picture isnt the best but IM soooo excited here you have no idea! It was also after a 28 kilometer down hill ride. The views were perfect for the end of the day.

PV is a super cool town. Good food. Fun tourists looking for a wild night out. Some cool museums and some beautiful churches.

Another pic from Vallarta.

ya baby!

Puerto Vallarta was cool but the pay day came when I got to Sayulita. I finally made it after 8 days of riding. I busted my butt to get here. Orginally I wanted to take 2 days off in each of these towns...Escondido, Acapulco and Vallarta and then get to Sayulita. Instead I took 1 day in Escondido, 1 day in Acapulco and a half day in Vallarta. Now Im going to chill for 2 days. This is going to be fun.

Looking at my map when I was hanging on the beach I realized that I came so far. Im really blow away. Only a few weeks ago I was biting my nails in Guatemala completly tripping about how I was going to do this. I got together a good routine. I started waking up a bit early, I stayed positive and now here I am. AMAZING! I ready for a few days off.

Have you been to Mexico? I think the first spanish I learned was Una mas cervez, por favor! Still comes in handy.

Sayulita is famous for its fish tacos, perfect surf and paradise beach. The town is completly grigofied but thats ok by me. Hopefully I can meet a few people here.

I dont know if its the fact that I rode my bike here and I have a sense of accomplishment when I sit on the beach but...I LOVE THIS PLACE! Seriously...Ive been to about 40 countries and I love it here. The beach is social, the food is great, the weather is perfect, the people are nice. I LOVE IT HERE!

So Here is the story of Omar...the dude on my right. I first met Omar in Panama. He was driving down with an Australian buddy and 2 other Australian girls. When the 4 of them got to Panama the girls took off for Colombia and the guys decided to drive back up to Mexico. BUT as it turned out the girls got on the airplane with all the documentation for the car. So Omar and his Aussie buddy were stuck in Panama at Lunas Castle hostel. We hung out a few times, passed some stories back and forth and that was it. He told me before I left to stop in Sayulita if I had a chance.
About a week later Mike and I are in the Purple House Hostel in David, Panama. The next day Mike is headed back to Panama and I was off to Costa Rica. Guess what...Omar pops into the hostel. They finally got the papers sorted and now they we headed back to Mexico. We hung for a night and the next day I was outta there.
About 10 days goes by and Im cruising along a back road in Costa Rica. Im standing over my bike because I had a flat tire or something when I see this Jeep fly down the road with music playing and a couple of girls in the back. That was odd because I was in a seriously remote area. The Jeep hits a U turn and I realize that its Omar, his Aussie buddy and a new gagle of ladies in the back. That was a wild turn. So they are headed to the beach and offer a ride but I was headed the oposite direction. I never met any of the other people but I actually radom bumped into one of the girls, Kara, who was in the back of the truck in Arenal, Costa Rica. Crazy small world!
So here I am in Sayulita and I make it my mission to find the guy. I meet Elliot, hes in the picture on my left and we go searching for the infamous Omar. I decided to find the guy the old fashion way. No calling, no email, no address, no facebook...I ask around! After going into a hotel, a bar and a resturant Elliot and I start treking down the beach and there he was...Omar! Hes walking away to this camp site or something as Im yelling his name down the beach. He sees me but of course doesnt recognize me because of the beard and the randomness of the situation. He stops, turns and starts to walk away. I think Elliot was thinking...sure know that guy? I yell out his name again and Omar throws up a big smile and says, THE BIKE GUY! Hell ya...anyway it was time to reconnect and have a bit of fun.
Met up with some cool ladies from San Francisco! Hell ya...

Peace, Power and Pedal