Friday, March 27, 2009

Biker short moment of the day

two biker short moments....

Im trying to get to San Blas, Mexico. Its about 125 kilometers north of Sayulita. No problem! Im about 30 kilometers away and decide to take a break in this town. I try to take a ton of breaks during the day because my bum gets a bit sore plus its important to stay hydrated. For whatever reason the people in this random town are looking at me like Im a freakin mad man. I guess my appearance has changed. I got a beard. I have this scarf I use as a head bad and ya I got this bike thing that Im pushing around.

So I go into a little shop and grab a yogurt drink and a gatorade. Pretty much the only healthy thing these places have. Im standing outside enjoying my drink when this mini van pulls up in front of me. This 4 year old kids looks at me and then looks at the bike and then back at me. Hes a cute little guy just checking out the town but is just amazed by the bike and me. He dazes off into a look of wonderment at the bike. I finally give the guy a head nob to kinda say hello. He realizes he is staring at me then gets this look of shock on his face. Thn his eyebrows squint together and he looks REALLY SCARED!

He slowly leans back into his captain chair and then I notice the window being slowly rolled up. Like I was going to jack the car or some thing! hahah! Then...ya theres more...he keeps sliding down into the chair and hides behind the door.

Do I really look that bad????

number 2

Im about a day or so away fro Mazatlan. The scenery has changed a bit. I notice on both sides of the road that there are farms with sometype of seeds that are being harvested. Something something cool to look at. The scenery was cool and it was a perfect day. Blue sky and I was getting excited for Mazatlan.

Then about 10 minutes later I see these 3 giant big rigs flying down the road. No big deal except that there was this giant cloud that was following the big rigs. Big problem...giant gey cloud moving fast towards me when I havent seen a cloud in months...kinda strange. Then I heard rain. Ya...rain... This was getting strange. So weired in fact that I almost pulled over.

Then as the big rigs approached I started to get pelted by something. IT WAS RAINING SEEDS! pouring down on me pelting my hurt! This was new. I guess there was nothing I could do...laugh it off...


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Michael T said...

i think it is because your glasses give you the air of a 70s drug lord. Shall we all you El Pregunta?