Monday, March 2, 2009

Pacaya Volcano

A view from the top of Pacaya Volcanoe. The clouds only cleard for a few minutes and we got this amazing view during sunset. It really looks like another planet!

Some tourists roasting marshmellows in the lava!

Another shot of the sunset.

The cloud cover kept everything around us out of sight. We were climbing on this black volcanic rock. It was out of this world!

This picture doesnt do it justice but the lava was amazing. To tell you the truth I wasnt going to go on this trip. I was still recovering from food posioning and didnt see the big deal about lava. When I saw the lava after a 2 hour hike I reall got that AWWWWW THATS COOL feeling. It was a trip to see Earth in its most basic form. It was well worth it.

Taking a break on the volcano. The ground around the volcanoe was crumbly and hot!


It was foggy and cool on the trip up. I told this study abroad guy from Indiana how it reminded me of a cool sumer night in San Francisco. He had never seen anything like it!


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