Friday, March 27, 2009 inspire me!

I was living in Santiago de Chile on election night. Even in a country so far away all eyes were on the event. I found a cool bar in a ritz neighborhood in Santiago that was full of ex-pats. It was awesome to be with some Americans on such a big night. The atmospher was electric. The next day everyone was throwing up high fives because they too were watching the event. The next day in my spanish class we dedicated the day of Spanish to talk about you. We pick up new words like Cambio and Si, Podemos. It was awesome.

You ran on a ticket of change and you won! You mentioned in your inaguration the need to give back. You mentioned that Americans should help where they can and get back to their roots.

It just so happened that you won the election right around the time I was debating the next step in my life. I was thinking about coming home. I was looking at finding a teaching job somewhere in South America. In the back of my mind I wa thinking about a fundraiser. I wanted to do something to help children living in poverty.

Obama you in spire me. Your words of change and helping others really helped me to make my decion about this fundraiser. It didnt matter that your a democratic or a republican. All that mattered was the fact that what you said had meaning and truth behind it.

Thank you...


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