Friday, March 27, 2009

Off to Mazatlan baby!!!!

Sunset in Sayulita!

This place was amazing.

Here are the next few days....

3/27 Sayulita - San Blas 80 k
3/28 San Blas - Acaponeta 142 k
3/29 Acaponeta - Mazatlan 158 k

This picture was taken outside  the "only hostel in Sayulita". It was a cool place with a chilled out Reggea vibe.

The two guys on the side of me were from the South of the US. Great guys on spring break. We had many conversations about the market because they were about to graduate in a few months. They are construction management majors so we had a bit in common because of my real estate background. 

All the way on my left is Elliot. Super cool guy from Indiana. He just finished his 27 months in the peace corpse. He was in Nicaragua where he taught Environmental sciene in a small village near Lago Nicaragua. The guy has traveled all over the world and now he was following his dream of bussing it back to Austin Texas from Nicaragua to meet his friends for his birthday.

A cool church in a small town along the way to San Blas from Sayulita.

Almost to Mazatlan. This is huge because this is the end of "main land" Mexico. Once I get to Mazatlan I take a ferry to Baja. At this point Im about a 2 day ride to Mazatlan.

The ride from Sayulita to San Blas was one of the most spectacular rides of the trip.

Getting closer to San Blas the country really started to change. I felt like I was back in Costa Rica because everything started to get super green.

Great views.

Here is a biker short moment of the day. When I was riding to Acaponeta from San Blas I had a decision to make. There are two rodes that get there. One is a nice and new paved autopista that cars have to pay to use. The other is an old, winding road thats free. I opted for the new road because the shoulder was huge and there were less cars. Well this kind of turned into a mistake because on this rode there were no shops or places to fill up on water. It was EXTREMELY hot and I didnt have enough water on me. The rode was also super long and there wasnt even really a place to stop in the shade. was a long hard haul with no stops. By the time I got to a tienda I was about 5 kilometers out of town. I was exhausted and dehydrated. I got some gatorade and water and took a seat in this guys little dusty shop. Next thing I knew I passed out in the chair with my legs up on this dude truck. Anyway...something like a half hour went by and I was so tired that it took him a few seconds to shake me out of it. It was seriously time for a break.

Peace, Power and Pedal


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