Monday, March 9, 2009

I´m Overwhelmed

This is amazing! This entire journey its absolutely incredible. I really am at a loss of words.
I haven't been to an Internet place in the past week because I have been in the middle of NOWHERE! Chiapas and Oxaca are a bit behind...
I'm overwhelmed because I'm getting comments, donations and emails from people all over the world who have been reading and following my blog. They have passed along support, wishes of luck and positive thoughts. Most of these people I don't even know. Ive gotten emails from people who sponsor children through Plan and wanted to thank me for bringing awareness to this amazing contribution, comments on the blog about people who started to sponsor a child then a village than an entire community in Africa. Ive gotten donations from $10 to $500 from people all over. I'm really at a loss of words. It seems that people really are taking notice. It seems that people out there truly do care about giving back. It sounds like people are understanding the message. Hopefully we can keep this ball rolling and get to the $15,000 so that we can complete the school construction project in the small village near Jalapa that the people desperately need.
I just wanted to say thank you so much....keep the comments coming. Ive been spending about 10 hours on the bike a day. I'm usually in the middle of nowhere. It gets tiring and a bit lonely. Today was even a bigger drag. I lost control of my bike and fell off a small cliff. I'm ok..the bike has a small problem. I had to look everywhere in this crazy town called Salina Cruz for a bike shop. I actually found one and I think I got the problem fixed. But then I finally get to a computer and I can feel the love! Thank you....thank you...thank you...

Peace, Power and Pedal



Maren Hopkins said...


Glad to see you made it to Mexico! Also, glad that I was able to find you on the web! It was SO nice hangin' with you in Antigua. Very nice getting to know you. Good times!

Good luck on the rest of your trip, and please do keep in touch. You have my card with my email address... I hope, otherwise I'll blog it to you somehow. Email me when you make it to Baja.


Maren Hopkins

coyote said...

i am glad to hear you are okay after crashing! Dont worry about the bike man just make sure you stay safe. You are a bike machine brother.

Loneliness can be the worst enemy but most loving companion on the saddle, especially day after day. I know what you are going through believe me. Keep smilin, peddling, blogging, and riding strong. I wish i could be in SF when you finish, but i will in spirit.