Monday, March 2, 2009


Here is a quick peek into the life of the people in this small village near Jalapa, Guatemala. This is the same village that the money is being raised for the school construction project AND the same village where my sponsor child is! Amazing!

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Hola! Glad you are feeling better. You absolutely ROCK! My family sponsors 4 children from all over the world and try to spread the word about Plan...but YOUR work... WOW and AWESOME! Hugs from a few friends in California--Rose & James

erica said...

Bravo! So excellent to hear of people doing their part to give back. and we love hear that people are sponsoring a child. We sponsor a child from Kenya.

We work with an organization that's been instrumental in helping developing countries - Uganda being one of them. We currently sponsor 10 thousand children in 6 different developing countries and we're on track to sponsor 1 MILLI0N more by 2013! We've also built 2 hospitals, 15 schools and 4 biogas digesters.

Have a look at our website if you get a chance

We're building the Largest Humanitarian Army in the WORLD...and we could always use a few more soldiers!

Kenny & Erica Jones