Monday, March 2, 2009

The school

On January 19th I set off on a bike trip from Panama City, Panama to San Francisco, CA. I wanted to raise awareness and funds for children living in poverty. I decided to work with an organization called Plan USA. Along the way my contact at Plan asked me where I wanted to see the money go to. I told him that I was interested in education. I believe that education truly is a key factor in life especially at an early age. After doing a bit of research my contact at Plan USA told me about a village in Guatemala that was in need of help. My contact at Plan, Chuck, told me that a community in Guatemala was facing serious challenges. Chuck did an amazing job cordinating efforts with Plan Guatemala. He told me that this particular village had a very large population of children and that most of these children go to classrooms made of metal and learn on dirt floors. The conditions were horrible and it was only getting worse. Chuck eventually told me that this village has plans for 2 new classrooms but they didnt have the funds. With the $15,000 from this fundraiser this village would be able to build the 2 new classrooms so that all the children of the village could have a safe and clean place to learn.

I saw the pictures of the existing school, read over the plans for the new classrooms and told Chuck that this would be a perfect place to send the money. On top of that, my sponsor child, Medardo, lives in this village and he will be able to get to learn in the classrooms that will be built.

So here I am. Im almost half way through my trip. Ive sucessfuly biked through 6 countries in Central America and now Im here at the exact village. Attached to this particular blog Ive attached a few photos from the village. As you can see they do need the help.

When I arrived here the kids were everywhere! It was such an amazing experience to play with the children, talk to the teachers and meet the community leaders. These people are full of life, love and are eager to educate the children so that, possibly, they can pull themselves out of poverty. It was all a very emotional and uplifting experience. Something I will never forget.

Some of the kids of the village playing in one of the existing classrooms. Not a great place to play.

As you can see they cram as many children into this classroom that looks like a shed.

Make sure you raise your hand!

Some of the children of the village look on as one of their teachers gives a talk.

Peace, Power and Pedal


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