Monday, March 2, 2009

Medardos Family

Near the end of the day on my visit to the community in Jalapa I got to spend some time with Medardo, my spnosr child, and his family. I took this picture on the 10 minute walk from Medardos school to his house. Hes got a tough climb up a dirt road through the trees to his house. Helen is up ahead making her way.

Medardo and his family live in poverty. They dont have much at all. With that said what I experienced on this day was amazing. A family of 5 took me in greeted us like neighbors. We sat and talked. Shared a few stories and kinda just hung out. They live in a house made of mud. They dont have a bathroom. But life here was simple, clean and peaceful.
Some beautiful dried gords near the table where the family eats.

Merdardos family and I. Medardos Dad, with the cowboy hat, is holding Medardo.

Peace, Power and Pedal


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