Monday, March 2, 2009

The kids of Jalapa need your help!

To my dearest friends,

The children of Jalapa need your help.

On January 19th, 2009 I set off on a wild journey. I intially wanted to ride my bike from Panama City, Panama to San Francisco, CA to raise awareness and funds for children living in poverty. I didnt know exactly where the road was going to take me. I thought that with positive energy and a bit of luck I would be able to tell a story about a grassroots fundraising event that helped those in need.

On March 2nd, the road took me to a small community near Jalapa, Guatemala. Here I heard the stories and met the people that are living in poverty. About 400 children want to go to school but most of them cant. Some of the lucky few that do get to go to school are taught in classrooms made of metal and it resembles a shed. The classrooms are truly unacceptable and unsafe.

This journey has touched me and changed me in so many ways and Im still not yet home. Its a bit hard to explain everything that I felt and learned from the journey. But I think the best way to explain it is this. This journey is about heart. I dont know how Im able to ride 10 hours a day. Everytime I feel like stopping I cant because I think about the children that are benefiting from this fundraiser. But, this fundraiser isnt about what drives me while Im on the road. This journey is about the heart of the people in Jalapa. They want to learn. They want to grow. They want to become educated. They face challeneges and hardships on a daily basis that Ive never imagined before. For example, they have to walk for hours up and down dirt roads to get firewood, which they carry on their heads, to keep their homes warm at night and to heat their food. This is only a small example but its something that Ive seen on a dialy basis. The people of Jalapa have heart. This fundraiser is a chance to show the people of Jalapa that we care. This fundraiser is our opporutiny to acknowledge their giant hearts. This fundraiser is providing an opportunity for all of us to give back.

Will you help the community in Jalapa? Will you help them to live there dreams of getting a proper education? Will you donate today?

Peace, Power and Pedal


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