Friday, March 27, 2009

Im so torn up!

Seriously...Im so damn torn up...

I have 3 socks left.

I havent done my laundry in 12 days. I only have a few jerseys and get the picture.

When I was getting into Vallarta I heard some change hitting the ground. A few minutes latter I heard it again. My bag was ripping and money was falling into the street.

My headphones broke.

The past two nights I slept on the beach witch was great. Only thing is NOTHING dries overnight. Everything is sloppy wet the day before. Ahhhhhh putting on wet gloves, shorts and socks in the morning is awesome!

I have an asortment of bugs splattered on my arms and legs.

I have large ash stains on my face from the small fires along the roads.

I have these wild tan lines everywhere.

Im soooo torn up!

Time for a day off.


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