Friday, March 27, 2009

Heres the plan....

So here is the plan....

Im in Sayulita at the moment. I have 3 days of riding until I hit Mazatlan. Mazatlan is a huge step! Seriously. Its a big mental and physical win for me. My book says that from Tapachula to Mazatlan its 2,200 kilometers.

From Maztlan Ill take a day off. From there I hop on a 17 hour ferry and cross to La PAz in Baja California. One in Baja I hope to ride straight threw. Something like 14 days or less if I can make it. That is probably going to be one of the biggest tests of all. 14 days straight of riding. The most Ive done has been 9 and that was killer. The 9 day ride was from Guatemala City to Puerto Escondido. That was such a long and hard ride and the scenery was bland at times.

Baja is going to be different. Its supposed to be a bikers dream. Thats how my buddy Jeff explained it back in Panama City. From what Ive heard and from what Ive seen its supposed to be beautiful. Im a bit worried because its also a very desolate place. Sometimes there ae gaps that are about 200 kilometers long with only a few pueblitas around. Wish me luck!

From Baja I get to Tijuana. Im a bit worried about TJ because of all the negative news. I hope to get to Rosarita the night before and make the 25 kilometer ride to TJ in the morning and cross the border asap. Some people said I should take a taxi but I honestly think that may be more dangerous.

From Tj my first day off will be in San Diego. I got a few friends there plus Ill need the rest. Then Im off to LA LA Land! We have a party scheduled in Hollywood for the 18th that my buddy Evan is helping to throw. Its a fundraiser for the village in Guatemala. Hopefully that will help with the donations.

Then my great friend Rob meets me in LA to ride back to San Francisco. Rob is taking the first flight to LA from San Jose. Hes going to wear his biker shorts on the plane and assemble his bike in the LAX airport. How hilarious is that! then were off. From LA to SF its usually a 7 day ride. Were going to try to make it in 5. Again...wish us luck.

Some serious momentum is on the horizon. Were at $5,000 right now in donations. Amazing really! But...the goal is $15,000. Were throwing a big party in San Francisco on the 25th. We hope that brings in a couple of bucks. Plus we hope to get some donations that last week as well. Im sooooo nervous and overwhelmed right now. I want to hit the mark so bd. I want to make sure the people in Jalapa get their school. They deserve it...truly....

Peace, Power and Pedal


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