Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Poem from Mike Ward

Inspire me Panama
With all of your wonders
Inspire me Panama
As I ride with my brother
With the sound of the wind pushing through the trees
and those created by rustling leaves
Inspire me PanamaWith your singing birds and long stretched beaches
With your rolling hills and the lesson each teaches
With the sunrise as it lights each cloud
With the work each day that makes a man proud
Use your lush green forests and sugar cane farms
Greet me with smiles and waving arms
Bring me through valleys and over mountain peaks
The feel of your air like a kiss on the cheek
With friendly people who are quick with their smiles
So beautiful to see as I cover your miles
With each of your sunsets always comes a reward
Each day something gained that cant be ignored
Inspire me Panama
With all of your treasures
You have inspired me Panama
Beyond any measure

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