Monday, April 27, 2009

S.F.S.U. Interview

Lets talk a bit about this interview. Where shall I start??? Lets start here...with my buddy Blake.

My buddy Blake, whom I know from San Francisco State University, ontacted me about a month ago. He shot me an email asking me where I was, how things were going and then he mentioned that he wanted to meet me somewhere along the ride. I told him that it would be awesome if he could meet me. Again, anytime anyone wanted to meet me I was all game! The more people that got connected to this project the better. But and there was a BIG BUT I told him tat I was about to hit Baja California and that if he wanted to meet me he would have to hop on a plane in a few days and fly to La Paz. Plus...I told him that I planned on doing Baja in 14 days and that I was riding about 150 kilometers per day through the wind, rain and desert. Well...after reading that last email Blake never got back to me! hahah!

I eventually cleared Baja, flew through San Diego, and up the coast of California. I was one day away from San Francisco when I got a call from Mike or maybe it was James. Mike and James were working seriously hard and fast on getting this amazing slide show presentation done so that we could show it at the party in San Francisco. James, a writer/producer/editor/a guy that can leap buildings with no problem at all was going to sit at his house on Saturday and wait for the last pictures of me from the Golden Gate bridge so that he could edit the video and have all the photos from the last day. Anyway...Mike or James told me that they would add the pictures and email the slide show to Blake. Ahhhhhh Blake gets back into the action! So Blake would then upload the video Saturday afternoon and burn it to a DVD. Well..this is all a side note, but the video came through. The video was played at the party and it was probably one of the coolest moments of my life. Anyway...on Sunday I realized that I had to get the finished product from Blake. So, thanks to a ride from my Dad we went from the Westin in San Francisco to Blakes Apartment near Golden Gate Park to get the video.

After chating with Blake, Blakes awesome girlfriend Crystal, my dad and I we all came to the conclusion that the slide show was the coolest thing from the night! So as my dad and I were taking off Blake comes running out the door to pass a message along. It turns out that his roomate is an intern for NBC and she is also a senior in the Media and Broadcast Department at San Francisco State University. Anyway...his roomate Cory (the girl in the video) wanted to interview me for the San Francisco State University TV station. Blake wanted to know if I was in?? Hell ya...any exposure or any chance to bring awareness to the cause was good for me. So here I am...the next day doing an interview with the Fabulous Cory Marshall on the San Francisco State University campus.

I was a bit nervous but the story of the bike trip has been told more than a few times. It was fun to do and some great experience. Thanks Bake and Cory for the opportunity! I had a great time...

Peace, Power and Pedal



Blake said...

hah.. ya, that 150 km didn't sit to well with me. ;) Always happy to help.

Cory said...

So glad you enjoyed the interview!
And I apologize for the incorrect spelling on the CG!