Saturday, April 4, 2009

Life of Baja

Here we go ladies and gentlemen....Baja! There is about 1,480 kilometers between La Paz and TJ. I really dont know what to expect out of Baja so lets have at it!

This was a cool little town along the gulf of California. I believe I took this photo in a small town called Maurate.

This is soooo typical. In mainland Mexico I usually get up, pack, stretch and then hit the road for about 20 kilometers or so then I get breakfast. Here in Baja its a completly different story. Because the towns are few and far between I have to make sure to get food before I take off on the road. If I dont its very possibl;e that I would have about 50 kilometers before I hit any town or cafe or resturant. This picture is typical because Im usually studing my map with my coffee before I get my food. Ill miss mornings like these.

Check out the mountains in the background. Absolutly beautiful. The past two days I rode through those exact mountains. The views were spectacular. Unfortunantly some punk ass stole my camera on the boat from mazatlan to La Paz soooooo I dont have any of those pics.

Another set of mountains along the route. Baja California sur is breathtaking!


I constantly find myself throwing up my arm or arms in this part of the world...the scenery is that amazing!

When your alone out here you have to do the little things to keep you sane. When I take a breather along the road I like to park Ceasar on onw side of the rode while I chill out on the other side. I usually grab an apple or snack or whatever. The funny thing about this is that when cars come drving up they usually see the bike laying next to the road without anyone around. The look of absolute confusion on their faces is perfect comedy reliefe for those long and lonely days.

Couldnt miss this photo opp....

Everyday the color of the mountains change. Today grey mountains with the road winding up, up and up!

It really doesnt get better than this.


If you got a second check out the map of Baja. Its not just a road that goes straight north. The road zig zags from East to West. The land changes, the scenery changes. I had no idea what to expect when I got to Baja. Truthfully all I though was that I was getting closer to home. Baja has been an amazing ride. Ive been to 40 countries and I have to say that Baja is probably one of the most beautiful places Ive been to.

This day was actually painful. I passed around 6 or 7 different beaches with water that looked like this. I really dont know how long its going to take me to get through Baja so I decided not to stop because if I did I dont know when Ill leave.

Peace, Power and Pedal

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