Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SD to LA

Here is my buddy Matt. I met Matt and his good college buddy last summer on the party island of Ios in Greece. We kept in touch here and there and as it turns out he has a killer place in San Diego. I told him that I was cruising threw and he made sure to put up his buddy for the night! Thanks Matt!
Another crazy day...

So I made sure to get up EARLY in the morning when I was in San Diego. The plan was to get from downtown San Diego to Hollywood in one day. I threw the info into Google the night before I realized that the whole trip, door to door, was going to be about 130 miles. Wow! Big freakin day but truly I couldnt bare to spend another night in a hotel.

I was supposed to meet one of my best friends, Joey, in Hollywood. Once in Hollywood I was going to take a few days off before making the jounrey back to San Francisco. On top of that my other good friend, Evan, was host a fundraising party on Saturday for the Last Hill project. The pieces were coming together and it was time for some time off. I made it from La Paz to San Diego in 13 days. Crazy!

Leaving San Diego I really had no idea how to get to LA. No GPS, my map that I got at the gas station was pretty much useless because it didnt show the streets. plan...follow the street signs. Well...I got lost in La Jolla. I think I climed the same hill three times. I got really lost once and I remember crusing through the hills trying to dodge $250,000 porches and ferrari's. Ceasar liked that.

I somehow talked my way onto Camp Pendalton. At first they werent going to let me on but truly that was the only way to go. It was kinda crazy trying to bike when off in the distance the US Army was conducting drills with army guys running around with giant machine guns. I told myself that I traded the farmers of Costa Rica with their machetes for the US Marines with their machine guns...I didnt know which one I was more worried about. I finally got across the base and into another suburban area. This was really crazy because I had no map and I was following the green bike lane signs. Ill never forget that.

It was getting late but really...I thought I was going to make it to LA. I was sooooo excited to see Joey and actually hang out with some friends for the first time in about a year and a half.

I got to Pacific Coast Highway and Martin Luther King blvd in downtown long Beach. My legs were dead tired. I thought I could be the bsolute champ and make it to LA but that was looking like it wasnt going to happen. I probably made it about 100 plus miles. If only I didnt get lost in La Jolla or if I didnt hit so many damn stop lights along the coast Im sure I could have made it. But I a jack in the box prking lot watching the sun go down. I called Joey three answer. I got some tacos, freaking amazing but Im sure not the best for me, and took a break. I started up a conversation with some guy and he eventually told me there was a train to Hollywood. So, another dilema, get a hotel 6 in Long Beach or grab the train and TRY to find Joeys house. I hated the thought of staying in a hotel 6 on Martin Luther King blvd in the LBC while I knew Joey was out and about in LA watching his brothers put on a tribute concert. So...I cheated and grabed the train.

You have to take a second and imagine this scene. Here I am about to get off the commuter train in Hollywood. Im exhausted, Im freezing, I have a ton of layers on. Sweat stains all over my cloths, the bike looks beat down, the beard is in full effect. I really looked like a homeless man coming out of the train station and onto Hollywood BLVD. Seeing the lights of LA and the famous names in the stars on the groud was a total culture shock that I couldnt even think about. Holy Crap...I was in LA! This is great. So now...all I had was Joey's address. No time to call. I knew that he was leaving his house soon because the concert was starting in like 30 minutes. So I pushed forward riding through the night, again, on Hollywood blvd, looking for Joey.

I was about 2 blocks away with 5 minutes to spare when the street hit a dead end! DAMNIT!!!! That was frustrating. After getting some directions for some guy waiting for the bus I found my way. Side note, does anyone ask for directions in LA anymore??? That guy gave me the craziest look! So here I am...crusing up some winding road looking for Joey. And guess what...there he was walking down the drive way heading for his car. I was so completely exhusted I could even tell him it was me. Instead I decided to ride right past him. Then I stoped....I layed the bike on the ground...I rolled over on the ground and just started to BUST UP IN LAUGHTER!

Joey was on the phone and seriously I thought I heard him say "hold on mom....some homeless guy just rolled his shopping cart on my property." Then he said with the utmost confusion..."Aaron? Oh my God....Aaron? What the Hell? Aaron? Is did...what that...Aaron?" I hadnt seen my buddy in a year and a half and this was our reunion. Hilarious!

So I made it to LA!

Peace, Power and Pedal


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