Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Livin it up in Hollywood

Some of my knucklehead friends from San Francisco State. It was great to catch up with some of my buddies from school. I havent seen these guys in a few years at least. It seems like a lot of my friends take off for LA after school. It was cool to get a chance to tell the guys about the trip in person. One of my buddies, Jonah, had no idea I was even gone. When I told him I rode up from Panama he said..."damn man..how long did that take you? Like 3 weeks?" He was totally seriously and then he realized that he had no idea what he was talking about. I guess at times it does take a few seconds to process that I rode my bike across 8 countries.
This is a pic of Joey and I. Joey is one of my best friends from SF State. He lives and works in LA and its always nice to get to spend some time with him.
Here are two of my buddies that I met while travellin over the past year. Brent, the guy on the left, I met while I was living in Barcelona last summer. Ben, the big guy on the right, I met while travelling in Buenos Aires. It was super cool to catch up with these guys!
This is a pic of my buddy Evan and his lovely friend Goli. Evan is hosting the fundraiser/party for The Last Hill project on Saturday. Evan lived up in San Francisco for a few years before taking a job at the Rosevelt hotel down in Hollywood.


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