Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting outta LAX

Robs biking honeymoon was over before it began. I took this picture the morning of our second day. His rack on the back left broke off. To make matters worse the screw broke off in the bike itself. Luckly I had some zip ties with me to make for a quick fix. Then Rob wanted to make sure the screw on the other side was working. As he was tightening that screw it also broke off. I kne something bad happened because Rob got instantly quiet. So...with a few more zip ties we fixed the problem and hit the road. Luckily we were about 2 hours from Santa Barbra where we could go to a shop.
Denny's breakfast!!!!

Our good buddy Greg let us stay the night at his place in Oxnard. Its always nice to have friends along the way. His wie Brenda cooked us this amazing dinner. Its like a Japanese fondu....awesome! During dinner Greg and his wife would tell us about stories from Costa Rice. They have a dream to one day get rid of all there stuff and drive down the pan american highway.
This is a typical photo. Ever since college Rob would be the one woking and I would try to look busy in the background! But thats only because Rob loves this stuff!

When Rob saw the condition of my chain he was a bit disappointed. I havent cleaned that thing off in like 2 months!

Some wild looking stuff here in America!

Ummmm...I love LA!

Rob and I at Venice Beach in LA!

This day was perfect. The weather was amazing and the route followed the ocean all the way up.

Here we are at LAX trying to figure out how to get out of the parking lot. In Mexico and Central America there is only one road and it goes North. In Los Angeles there are a ton of options but most of the options are off limits to bikers. So, luckily, Rob picked up some amazingbiker specific maps before he came down.

Whats up Joey! Thank for letting me crash at your house for the past few days.

Last minute touches to the bike. We have something like 500 miles from LA to San Francisco. For whatever reason, maybe because I have a friend to ride with, I wasnt really worries about the distance that we had to cover in 6 days.


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