Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Sur

Biking along the California coast through Big Sur was probably one of the most challenging and most rewarding rides of the entire trip. It really didnt seem to difficult until looking at the elevation climb and distance travelled. I think thats because it was so nice to have company along the way.

Climbing out of big sur was a two day ride. We all felt like champs once we hit this sign on the other side of the park.

This is a typical seen. Scotty does Iron Man competitions. His bike is super light and he only carries about 20 punds with him. On top of that he doesnt even have a small rig on his gears. He does this to cut down weight. So we usually get a good view of his back side as he flies past us on the hills.

Getting closer.

The views were amazing but that ocean looks a bit colder than the ocean in Costa Rica!

Taking a break after a big climb.

Pushing through the drizzle, the fog and the wind in Big Sur!

The road was amazing!

Scotty and Rob setting up camp in the rain after a 80 mile day.

Some funky little towns along the California coast.

Robs checking the map!


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