Monday, April 27, 2009

The Golden Gate Bridge

So this is it. My last day of the ride. 3 months, 8 countries and something like 3,500 miles. This was one of the first views of the bridge along the ride.

What a perfect day!

I gave the bridge a hug..the bridge huged me back...

Outside San Francisco State University

We made it boys!

Alctraz in the background.

Devin, Candice, Scott, John and I dodging traffic in downtown San Francisco.

This was a pretty cool moment. This picture was taken in Daly City. But from here you can see the top of the Golden Gate bridge. When I first saw the bridge I almost lost it. I started gigiling like a kid. Rob was next to me with this huge smile on his face. He thought it was pretty cool to share that experience. I think I said something to Rob like..."wow it is...the bridge...I was wondering what this moment was going to be like."

Getting ready in Pacifica for the big day.

Taking a moment to let it all sink in...

Somewhere along the bridge the guys got caught up and I had a few minutes to just chill before we crossed the bridge.

Its not really the same as riding through downtown San Salvador.

Check out the giant picture that Mike gave me. Its a compilation of some of the best pictures from the trip! What a great present. Coming across the Golden Gate Bridge to my friends and family cheering me on...that will be a day that Ill never forget.

This was an amazing moment!

Peace, Power and Pedal

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