Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Party in LA for Plan

Allright...so here we go. On Saturday April 18th my good friend Evan hosted a party/fundraiser for Plan and the school construction project in Jalapa, Guatemala. He threw the party at a cool bar called Scorpion on Hollywood blvd in Los Angeles. This party was planned for about a month. We did a good amount of preperation for the party. Evan got the back room of the bar for our group with a DJ and a rafel to make a few bucks for the fundraiser. For the rafel Evan seriously hooked it up. He got a 2 night stay in a delux room at the Roosevelt hotel, back stage passes to the Jimmy Kemel show and a gift certificat to a super cool resturant in Hollywood.

Evan and selling some tickets!

A bunch of my college buddies from San Francisco State.

Joey and I taking a break from the party and trying to catch up. Joey is a film maker and hes always working on a ton of different projects.

Joey's brother David made it out to the party. A few nights before he threw a tribute concert where he was trying to raise money so that inner city youths could get funds to apply to and visit colleges. David is also a super talented musician.

Mike made it down to the party as well!

Mike, Greg and I. Greg offered up his place for me to crash at on my ride back to San Francisco. Greg was one of the first guys to respond to some of the emails about the Last Hill Project. He even pledged to raise $500 for the Last Hill Project. Obviously he is a big supporter!

Mike and I...from Panama to Los Angeles! Happy birthday Mike!

This is a picture of my good buddy Dan. Dan and I met a few months back in Buenor Aires. He was taking spanish school while I was travelling through. We tried to speak in spanish with eachother but that went nowhere pretty fast!
All in all we made about $500 for the school construction project in Guatemala. Thanks for making it out everyone!!! We had a great time!


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