Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The crew has arrived

The crew has arrived!

Rob, John, Scott and I. We took this picture at Refugio State Beach before we took off on a 80 mile ride. Scott has been in touch with me for a few months. He does Iron Man's so obviously he is a big fan of challenging rides. John is also a good friend from SF state. He just got a bike and is super eager to ride with us as well.

This is a picture of our buddy Jerome. In this picture hes stalling in his car. It was hilarious because this one one of the first times he has driven anyone around in a stick shift. Jerome attends Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo. Gerome grew up in San Francisco and is a good friend of ours. He was going to let us stay at his place on campus but we decided against it because 7 people in a dorm apartment sounded a bit to cramped!
Getting some dinner after a 80 mile ride to San Luis Obispo.

It was a long day!

The ride this day was beautiful!

Rob got a flat somewhere along our ride on day 3 three. These guys change there tires with ligtning speed! Its a bit different for me when I got to take off all my bags.

A giant hill on day 3.

Scotty and I are catching up!

Getting ready in the morning!

Grham cracker



God bless the USA

Having a party at Refugio State Beach. We stayed in the hiker/biker section of the park. Check out the guy on the right. His name is Trvor and he was doing a ride from Reno, Nevada to Florida. I told him about some of my stories from Mexico and I think I may have convinced him to go down to Baja. Trevor...where are you???

Scotty arrives!
Greg is making fun of my super baby alpaca hand made bolivan hat!

Id like to take this opportunity to Thank ServiceMaster of Stockton for their generous donation!

Rob had to get a loner bike because they were fixing his rack in Santa Barbra. It was absolutly hilarious watching him cruise around State Street in downtown Santa Barbra on this beach cruiser. Hey Rob...ya think that bike will make it to San Francisco?

Cynthia, Rob and I grabbing some lunch in Santa Barbra. Cynthina is another good friend of ours from San Francisco State. She heard about what we were doing and wanted to help out. So she sent out some press releases and PSA's to local rdio and TV stations. She even got me an in studio radio interview with a local radio station near Santa Barbra.

The rib injury continues!

This truck is getting a bit to close!


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