Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rob is here

This is one of my best friends Rob. We took this picture right after he got off his plane from San Jose. Were at the baggage claim in Los Angeles Airport.

Rob was one of the first people I contacted about this ride. I was in Santiago de Chile when I called hime long distance from a small locotorio in Santiago's Providencia district. I called Rob first for a few different reasons. One, Rob is a big biker. In college he rode from San Francisco to Washington DC. He did this with our fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, to raise money and awareness for people with disailities. I also wanted Robs advice because as a police officer I knew that he would give me a straight and truthful answer espcially if it concerned safety. Anyway....when I told Rob about the idea he was thrilled. But he also wanted to make sure that I had the proper bike and that I would take all safety precaustions. His wife, Monica, thought I was totally crazy but thats another story.

So here we are...at the Los Angeles airport. The LA to SF trip almost had a problem. A few days bfore I aggrevated an injury that I had. Im not sure how this happened but somehow I got a serious rib injury. I told Rob two days before that I wasnt sure if I would be able to ride. Rob was crushed with the news but he totally understood. But...on the morning of the day that Rob was supposed to get in I decided to chance it and see how it would go. When Rob saw me in my riding outfit he was super excited because he knew we were going to hit the rode. That day my ribs didnt hurt much so there wasnt really any need to stay longer in LA.

So here we are...the plan is to put Ros bike together in the LAX airport parking lot and ride on Oxnard, about 55 miles north. From there we have a tough 5 days of riding up the California coast to San Francisco.


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