Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Plan Nicaragua

Horatio Briefing his team at the Plan Program Unit in Madriz.

This is Horacio Torres The Director of Plan Nicaragua. Horatio and I met in Managua, Nicaragua for a brief period the day before this picture was taken. He gave me a break down of what Plan was doing in Nicaragua. Horatio has been with plan for about 25 years. He just got assigned to Nicaragua before that he was the director of El Salvador. This guy is a total pro...he knows the Ins and the Outs of the organization. It was great to meet with him and hear about the challenges and difficulties that Nicaragua is facing when it comes to poverty amongst children.

The Plan office in Madriz.

The staff here was extremely nice and welcolming. They got a big kick out of my adventure of cycling across Central America. Madriz is a State in Northern Nicaragua about an hour drive from Honduras. The office is in the small frontier town of Somoto which has about 17,000 people. It has a laid back small town feel to it. Beautiful mountains surround the entire town.

Got my Plan shirt...ready for my briefing!

Horation in the white shirt with the glasses on the right. Next to him Alcidies the manager of the office and the region.

This was Horatios first visit to the field in Nicaragua. The team had prepared a few things for him so it was a great opportunity for me to listen in. Of couyrse it was in Spanish so I only caught the main points.