Sunday, February 8, 2009

Medardo is his name

His name in Medardo. He lives in a small village in Guatemala. Medardo is a child that I sponsor for $24 a month through Plan USA.

This fundraiser is about change.

This fundraiser is about giving back.

This fundraiser is about making a difference in children's lives that need it most.

A few months back when I was in Santiago de Chile I decided to take a chance and create an opportunity for myself and others to help make that change in the lives of children living in poverty. A few months back I decided to work with Plan USA and to sponsor a child. A few months ago I had a rough idea of what this adventure was about. But after these past few weeks this dream that I had has become a reality and now I'm seeing first hand what that change is. Today, through this blog, you are all getting to put a name with a face (and a cute one at that).

Friends and friends of friends have written to me giving me their support and have written amazing letters full of inspiration. People from Asia, Europe, North and South America have logged into the blog and firstgiving and have donated money. An amazing gesture, especially during this time when even a buck is hard to come by. Over 225 people have joined The Cause The Last Hill Before Home on facebook to express their backing of this wild adventure and fundraiser. But just this past week another exciting chapter has opened up for me and this cause. Today I'm proud to be sponsoring a child through Plan USA.

His name is Medardo. His picture is above. Hes 7 years old and lives in a small village in Guatemala. He is one of the children that lives in this village that Plan sponsors and helps on various different levels. Plan helps the people in the village from topics ranging from Health to clean water to education. The money from this fundraiser is actually going to help support Medardos village. the funds are going to real life solutions that are going to help Medardo to receive real life solutions in a world full of uncertainties.

I don't know much about Medardo yet but I'm extremely excited because this fundraiser is going to allow me to meet this little guy. At some point in the near future Ill be taking a detour from the pan American and cycling to a small town near his village. From there a Plan representative and I will travel to his community to meet Medardo, his parents, his two sisters and his brother.

I do know that Medardo and his family live in ^a house made of straw and mud with a tile and slate roof. He attends pre-school. Is in generally good health and uses an open field or public area for the latrine.^ The main source of work in his village is agriculture and there are some that make a living through pottery and stone work. One problem that the village faces is that there are not enough water sources for everyone to live in a healthy environment.

The children of the village dreams include an improved education in the schools and for there to be more green areas, teachers for every grade, desks and pretty classrooms. We also want the opportunity to study for a career.

This fundraiser is starting to turn a new leaf.

Can you donate today to help Medardo and his village?

Can you sponsor a child to help make a difference in the lives of these children?


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