Sunday, February 8, 2009

A few days rest in Grenanda, Nicaragua

A Nicargauan couple cuddles on the steps of one of the many churches in Grenada, Nicaragua.

Its nice to take a few days off from the ride. I probably did something like 500 kilometers in 6 days. Ive been going pretty fast but I feel good so why not push it a bit? My last stop was in Los Chiles, Costa Rica. From there I took a short boat ride across the border and into San Carlos, Nicaragua. From there things got a bit grey. I was supposed to take a boat across Lake Nicaragua to Grenada but I wasnt sure when that boat left. I dont have any information on Nicaragua other than this crappy Dollar Rent A Car map. No Lonely Planet, nothing. Anyway, it turns out that theres only one boat per week. Luckily it left the next day. After staying in a roach INFESTED hotel I quickly made my way to the dock.

No boats were leaving for Grenanda because apparently one capsized due to bad weather. No way was I going back to the insect infested room so I decided to take a bus on Nicaraguas worst road. The bus ride was a freakin nightmare. There was no leg room what so ever for my sore legs, the guy next to me had a nap sack full of chickens under his legs, the aisles were overflowing with coffee bean bags, and some dunk dude behind me pissed his pants. 13 hours of misery.

I got dropped off in the middle of town on some dark alley with the bike at 3am. Luckily I got a cab who took me to his friends hotel who was nice enough to charge me 3 times the cost for the room. Awesome! Ok Ok enough complaining because Grenanda was well worth it. Beautiful city!

Grenanda at dusk.

A quick note from the World Bank...

The international development community has moved towards viewing development as a process of realising peoples rights rather than distribution of welfare. The need for equity and social justice as a necessary prerequisite to poverty reduction, security and stability is now being recognised more widely.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child sets uot 54 articles on child rights under four pillars of rights.

- Survival- Through the provision of adequate food, shelter, clean water and primary health care.

- Development - In a safe environment, through the provision of formal education, conservative play and advanced health care.

- Protection - From abuse. neglect and explotation, including the right to special protection in ties of war.

- Participation - The opportunity for the child to participate in social, economic, cultural, religious and political life, free from discrimination.

Chillin with a hand rolled cigar.

The colors of Grenanda are a great break from the drabness of the Costa Rican buildings.

The weekend farmers market in the middle of Grenanda was bustling!

Many of the buildings in Grenanda need some serious work. When I got to Nicaragua I could instantly tell from the buildings alone that Nicaragua is a developing country facing some serious problems.

The main plaza in the center of town.

Some crazy wild birds along the Rio Frio on the Costa Rican and Nicaraguan border.

This guy was giant.

Farmers living along the Rio Frio.

One of the only border crossings in the world done by boat.

Waiting for the boat took for hours. I asked three different people when the boat was supposed to get there and got three different answers. Central America time I guess!


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