Saturday, February 21, 2009

Help The People of Jalapa realize their dream...

The people of the community in the small village near Jalapa, Guatemala.

Existing area.

Existing Area

Existing classroom

Existing classroom

The Last Hill Before Home has taken a new direction.

The money that this fundraiser generates is going to a school construction project in a small village outside of the town of Jalapa, Guatemala. My contact at Plan told me that the community has had plans to build 2 new classrooms for sometime but they have not had the funds to do so. With the guidance of Plan and the generous donations that The Last Hill project raises the people of this community near Jalapa will be able to finally realize their dream of a clean and safe place for their children to learn and grow.

The existing conditions where the children are taught are completely unacceptable and unsafe. This posting has a few pictures of the existing school. Ive also attached some brief information about the village itself.

Its population is 3,000 inhabitants, with a literacy rate of just 50% in the adult population. There are two primary schools in the community. The largest (for which support is proposed) has three classrooms – two made of concrete block and one from adobe, with a capacity of 150 students. Due to student population demand, however, it is attended by 370 students and has 11 teachers, three of whom teach pre-school. The installations are inadequate for the children, who are taught in sheds made of corrugated roofing and in the hallway.

In the community, 99% of inhabitants belong to the Maya Pocomam ethnic group, although the majority no longer use traditional clothing and are losing the Pocomam language. It is characterized by skilled ceramic work, such as making clay pots and jars, and figures of angels and animals, for example. The group´s primary source of income is from agriculture.

These classrooms will be large enough to accommdate 20 students per classroom, and a total of 40 students will have suitable installations that are anthropometrically comfortable.

Will you help the people of this community realize their dream? Can you make a charitable contribution to the project and donate today...

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Amy said...

I visited my sponsored child's village (about 1 hour from Coban) last month. Plan has done so much for that community. Best of luck to you and your child's community!