Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Plan and there local groups

We also had the opportunity to meet with other non profit organizations in the Somoto area. This particular organization works with kids that are displaced and out of school. They help those kids to gain real world education. One specific accomplishment that this particular group mentioned was that they were able to get some youth gang members to hand over their guns in exchange for training and education.

The middle lobby of the main school in Somoto.

I took this picture during our meeting with the Ministy of Education. You can see her on the right behind the desk. Alcidis is listening closly as she thanks Plan for there envolvement and help. Both the Minister and Plan agree that more needs to be done. They dream that one day the school will be seen as more of a community center where kids will learn during the day and parents and older children will come at night to take classes.


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