Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Costa Rican frontier...almost to Nicaragua

La Fortuna - los Chiles 100 kilometers

This is it for Costa Rica. Pura Vida Costa Rica. Its been an amazing time. Los Chiles the last town before Nicaragua. Tomorrow I check through imigration and then take a boat up tp San Carlos, Nicaragua. After that its another boat to Granada passing by some amazing islands in Lake Nicaragua.

Los Chiles is a small town. The soccer field, pictured above, is the main part of town. These kids loved posing for the picture. I was about to get a game going with them but then opted out because Im damn sore after that 100k day.

Today´s ride was really nice. I felt great after taking a day off in La Fortuna. La Fortuna´s main attraction is Volcano Arenal and the hot springs. The hot springs were perfect after 2 hard days in the mountains. Today I passed through a ton of different farms. Orange groves, sugar plantations and pineapple farms dotted the path.

It was a bit tricky today with all the hills. Nothing but small hills for at least 50 kilometers. Up and down up and down.

The frontier police office at the begining of town.

This guy was HUGE! Something like 1 meter. This guys were hanging out in a tree over a small river. There were a ton of them just chillin in the tree. In the morning there green but as it gets later in the day they turn this cool orange color.

Its been raining hard for the past 2 days. I got lucky and didnt have a drop the entire day. This river full to the brim with muddy water tells the story. I thought I would have to rack the bike for a day but that didn´t bother me much because I wouldnt mind another day in the hot springs.

Beautiful morning heading north along routa 34.

Probably not the best idea to take a pic while riding down the freeway on a slick road. Queso!

A great moment in the morning. The sun is coming up over the mountains in the distance.


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