Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A day in the life

6am- Wake up call. Hit the snooze.

6.05- 2nd wake up call. Hear other people in the camp or hostel or cheap hotel ruffle around probably a bit peeved cause I'm waking them up.

6.30- pack everything up. Get legs all lathered up with Vaseline or whatever I got cause its going to be a long day. Put bags on the bike.

7.00- Breakfast. In broken Spanish I tell the girls at the local cafeteria that I'm riding my bike and I need a big breakfast. They don't understand what I'm saying but somehow it all works out. Rice, beans, eggs, plantains and of course Central Americas finest cafe. Get my strech on while Im waiting for my food. Ignore crazy looks from truckers and contruction workers as I do yoga in the diner.

7.30- On the road. All ready to go. The first 8-10 kilometers are usually pretty tuff but after that I get into a good groove. I try to ride to about 11 or 12 before getting lunch. Usually Ill take a few different breaks to stretch or get water or whatever.

12pm- Lunch time. I try to find the local spots. My theory on local restaurants is this... One, if no one is there don't eat there. Two, if locals are there than that's a good choice. Three, if there is an English menu then the place is overpriced. Four, if there are any grandma´s in the kitchen than I found the jackpot. Central America is all about rice, beans, pollo con salsa and a ton of water.

1- Back on the road. usually by this time I only have a few more hours left in my legs.

3- Start looking for a hotel. Hopefully by this time I'm getting close to a city or town or whatever. If I get on the rode by 8 and ride till about 3 I should be in the 100 kilometer range.

5- In hotel by now. Throw all my stuff on the ground. Lay on the bed and just stare off into the distance. Days like this are long and exhausting. At some point I crawl into the shower. Most days Ill try to do a bit of writing or reading before heading to an Internet cafe or whatever to shot off some emails.

8- Dinner. Guess what? Beans, rice, chicken, plantains and a bit of water. For desert...aaahhhh yes...the best part. I have no guilt what so ever when it comes to desert. I can eat whatever I like. Some days Ill get some flan at the restaurant and then on my walk home Ill stop to get some ice cream. Its a perfect ending for a long day.

9- Off to bed!!!! Get ready to do it again the next day!


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