Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cruising the coast of El Salvador

Roberto´s house in Barra Salada. Great spot right on the beach. I took a day off here and did a bit of resting and reading.

San Salvador - Playa Tunco 50ks

The waves are crashing on the beach. Surfers are cruising by with their boards. I'm chilling in my tent under some palm trees. Its so nice to do nothing after a short day. This day is dedicated to my good buddy Kevin Davis.

Kevin...when you take your Central American surf vacation make sure you hit the beaches in El Salvador especially Coasta Del Sol, its just a bit south from San Salvador. I´ll try to get you that perfect picture of the perfect wave.

I made it a short day because I wanted to get to the beach early. This is kind of a touristy spot so I wanted to get a jump on things. I got out of my place in San Salvador around 8.30 and had a wild time cruising through the streets of San Salvador during morning commute. Sometimes I can´t help but bust up laughing at times like that. Never would I have thought that I would be dodging buses and coconut vendors in the streets of San Salvador on a bike!

Real quick...three super cute blonde's just cruised into the camp site with their surf boards. Tonight should be some fun! I need to carry a guitar or something like that with me...surfer chicks dig guys with guitars...hahaha!

So ya...streets of San Salvador...

The ride into Coasta Del Sol was cool because I got to go down the same mountain that I had to climb to get to San Salvador. Something like 30ks. On my way to the beach a red pickup truck stopped next to me. It was Roberto, the owner of the hostel that I stayed at in San Salvador. Super nice guy, he offered me a lift to Playa Tunco but I passed. No way was I going to miss this ride!

Finally I was about to get to the beach. I was something like 1 k from the Tunco, which is a surfers paradise. I had been waiting to get her for sometime and was super excited. Life on the rode in El Salvador has been a bit hard, lonely and kinda boring. So of course...I get a flat tire. I could see the blue ocean, I could smell it and I got a flat. TORTURE!!! At that point all I could do was laugh it off. Change the tire...and get tot he beach.

Anyway....I made to the bar for a cerveza....

Here I am in the back of Roberto´s truck. I got a super late start today because there was a reggea concert at the camp site I was staying at. So a bit tired and hungover I had to ride about 50 kilometers. It got a bit dark on me but luckily Roberto showed up with his truck! I got lucky because his house is in a super romet location hidden behind some sugar cane fields.

A picture from the ride along the coast in El Salvador. This was probably one of the most beautiful rides from the trip so far.
Playa Tunco-Roberto´s beach house 45ks
I started off the day hung over. I was hopping to take a day off at Tunco and get some rest. All I wanted to do was wake up with the sounds of the wave crashing on the beach. Instead I woke up to some El Salvadorians slamming hammers and nails. They were building a stage for a reggae concert directly next to my tent. At 8am. AHHHHH!!!! I need some sleep.

So aside from being hungover I woke up and there was this dude in my tent stealing my change. I started to yell at the guy. His eyes were red as hell. I'm sure he was drunk and stoned. All my stuff was laying out, my IPOD my camera I think my wallet to. But he was going for the 73 cents that fell out of my pocket. He said something like he wanted to buy a cigarette or something. I abandoned the Spanish and cussed him out with my best East Bay tone. He got the point and kinda ran outta there. Good morning!!! hahaha!

The ride from Tunco to Roberto's house was about 45 kilometers and probably one of the most beautiful rides of the trip so far. It was damn hilly but it hugged the coast and the ocean. Nothing but amazing ocean views and dramatic cliffs. The scenery reminded me of the coast highway in California. On top of that there were about 5 tunnels that I had to go through. One was so dark and long I had to get my headlamp out of my bag and strap it on. Without it I would have been screwed!

This day is dedicated to my cousin Josh. Hes a meteorologist for the United States Air Force. He currently lives in Germany but is stationed in Iraq. I'm sure it can be hard out there and I'm sure its tuff being away from family and friends. All I can say is get home safely and soon...I miss you cousin! He´s been an inspiration to me on many different levels.He´s actually the one that first told me about Plan. When I was looking at NGO´s to work with he sent me an email about Plan. He told me that he was now sponsoring a child trough Plan and that they are a great organization. It´s kinda crazy how one email can change so much of a persons life! On top of that Josh is a huge cyclist. We have crazy conversations about starting a company that includes cycling and charity work. Maybe one day it will become reality!

So back to the ride. It was a perfect day. Since I left a bit late I ended up racing the sun to Roberto's house. Luckily when I found the dirt road next to the small church that Roberto marked on my map I saw Roberto. I threw the bike in the back of the pickup and we made it to his house just as the sun was setting. The view from the back of the pickup with the sun setting over the sugar cane fields was something out of a movie. It was amazing!
The coast was amazing!

Gearing up for the concert with some friends and 18 year old Flor De Cana, rum!

Amazing sunset everynight.

Great little camp ground at Playa Tunco, El Salvador.

The perfect view!

¨One Love¨!

After some long and hard days on the hot and dry roads of El Salvador I finally made it to the beach! Time for a day off.

Almost there!

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