Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rock and Roll baby!

Photos courtesy of Brian Kellher

Hard core rock and roll with an artistic twist! Freakin awesome! I love these pictures! Thanks for the addition Brian.

The 7 Views Photography exhibit is proud to add another photographer to the mix...Brian Kellher. His black and white action shots from punk concerts near and far are going to add the rock and roll grunge twist to the show that we need. I first met Brian over beers and basketball in a small town called Pai, Thailand. Within minutes we were hanging out in this chilled out place telling stories from back home. I think the entire night was actually spent in the back of some bamboo hut looking bar just chilling, showing off our trvel photo's and telling dirty jokes. We hit it off to say the least.
Brian is currently somewhere in the Australian outback. When I first told him about the exhibit he was all for it and super excited to help out for a great cause. But he told me I would have to wait for his photos because he was something like 200 kilometers from the closet proper internet connection. He's somewhere out there fighting the kangas and avoiding the dingos...hahahah!
Thanks for the pics brother!
About Brian...
"Punk rock and photography are just about as awesome asa eachother. I'm Irish but have been traveling full time since October 2007, which means I don't get to see as many gigs as I'd like. The only thing better than a good gig is waking up the next day and realizing you've captured it on camera. It's rare for me, but incredibly satisfying."

More info about the exhibit...

Peace, Power and Pedal

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