Friday, July 31, 2009

Lisa Howard...I love your pics!

Photos Courtesy of Lisa Howard
We have another addition to the 7 Views photography exhibit benefit and auction. Lisa Howard thanks for sending me your photos. they're amazing! Her photo's tell a unique story, her keen eye picks up some breath taking shots and all I gotta say is Wow! I can't wait to get these pictures blown up.
I first met Lisa back in late 2007 in a small village in Northern Thailand. Our photography hobby instantly brought us together and a great friendship was born. I can remember our nights of hanging out with friends from all over the world in huts made of bamboo. Those were the good ol days when all we had to worry about was where we would find our next bowl of Pad Thai or where we would take our cameras for the day.
I wrote to Lisa the other day and this was her response..."dabbling in a bit of photography, been teaching film and media at the schools in the next town (somewhere in New Zealand), working as a coordinator for an environmental company helping organize a carbon monitoring project and tonight I'm going searching for endangered snails on the side of a mountain!" Wow...this chick is cool!
Thanks for the pics Lisa...we appreciate it!
Peace, Power and Pedal
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