Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm looking for groups to co-sponsor the event

The flyer is coming right along! It's hot...check it out.

Back when I was riding through Mexico I realized that for this event to be successful I need to reach out to like minded groups and organizations. I've been tapping into my social circles of friends and their friends...hard! I love my friends and family and they have given so much of their time, energy, creative know how and of course money. Now I feel that it's time to reach out to other like minded people. I feel that if I can find these people and tell me about this incredible journey than maybe they will be willing to help.

Using the power of this blog and filling it with images and stories has been an incredible tool. I mean...I was able to raise $11,000 for the school construction project in Jalapa and I wasn't even in the United States. That's pretty amazing. Now its time to again use the Blog and put myself in front of these like minded people. But where do I start? How do I find these people? I can't just sit at my house in Oakland and use the force! I gotta get out there...shake some hands...and tell the story of A Man...a Dream...and A Bike...

Where I begin?

How about Facebook?

I was looking at some cool non profit organizations in San Francisco and in the surrounding bay area. I have been extremely interested in the micro finance arena. Basically, Micro finance is connecting entrepreneur people in the developing word to people in the developed world. These companies act as a platform for donations. The one thing that I really like is the fact that it's also a cultural exchange other than just a straight donation. These web pages provide stories from real people in villages from China to Uganda.

The hottest org out there right no is Kiva. I actually applied for a job with them but I guess they didn't feel that my bike ride qualified me for the director of development job! hahahaha! Anyway...I found this other amazing organization called Wokai. They basically do the same thing as Kiva but instead they work with people directly in China when Kiva is all around the world. So...I was doing some research and was really liking what I saw. Eventually I made my way to Kiva's facebook fan page and then Wokai's fan page. From Wokai's fan page I found a link to an affiliate organization called World Affairs Council Young Professionals-San Francisco. It's a big ol name but it sounded interesting. Anyway...I check out the facebook site than their web page and found some seriously interesting stuff.

Basically The World Affairs Council which is based in San Francisco brings guest speakers to the city from all over the world to discuss international topics and issues and then they bring their professional insight into how we can go about to solve the issues. The World Affairs Council has a branch that is geared to Young Professionals. Very Interesting stuff! I found on their web page that they were having a meeting the very next it is. This was a perfect opportunity to get out there and see what presumably like minded people are doing.

I got my butt off my couch in Oakland and cruised out to the Young Professionals (IF for short) meeting. The first 3 people I met had done around the world trips, lived in another country or were planning to do some type of charity work in another country! HOME AT LAST! It was such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by like minded people. This was turning out to be some very exciting stuff. The meeting was great. The whole purpose of the night was to bring together volunteers, members and board staff to conduct a steering meeting. We broke off into small groups to discuss upcoming events and talks. I sat in on a brainstorming group The small group was supposed to throw out international topics. Vote on the interesting topics and then from there bring it to the council. If approved a small group of people would turn that idea into a full blown event with guest speakers an all. I like the idea about doing a talk on ho social media was changing the face of communication and persuasion. Very interesting stuff!

Eventually I was able to do a bit of networking and I finally got in touch with the president of IF. I told her that I had an event coming up and that I was looking for co-sponsors. I told her I wanted to contact her and she quickly wrote down her email before continuing her next convo. Well...I email'd her about this wild adventure that I have been on for the almost the past 2 years. I told her about quitting my job, travelling around the world, the bike trip, Plan USA, and eventually the photo exhibit benefit and auction. I got an email response..."Amazing!" from her! Hell ya...I wow'd the president of IF...not bad! hahahah!

So...I moving forward with IF. The president passed my proposal to the board. They voted on it and it looks like they want to be a part of the event. With a bit of luck and a lot of hard work...hopefully...IF will bring the peeps to this amazing event so that we can tell a unique story and support children living in poverty in Central America. Fingers crossed!

Peace, Power and Pedal


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