Monday, July 6, 2009

"7 Travelers. 7 Views. Photo's from Around The World." - Update

Photo's courtesy of Tom Robinson.
Some exciting news about our international photo exhibit benefiting Plan USA and the children of Jalapa, Guatemala.
Tom Robinson, travel photographer, has joined our team for the "7 Travelers. 7 Views. Photo's from Around The World." event at 111 Minna on Saturday, September 19, 2009.
"Tom Robinson, an English photographer born in 1981, who finds himself most at home in parts of the world that are nothing like back home in Saint Albans, England. Tom has travelled extensively through South East Aisa, South and Central America, yet still feels he has only scratched the surface of these continents. With a wealth of expereince in both photographery and travel he is able to capture the shots. Some of his previous clients include Orange, Yahoo!, Tequilla London, Castrol and Schmap."
I first met Tom and his girlfriend Verity back in December of 2007 while travelling in South East Asia. We were catching a slow boat along the Mekong River from Wiang Kaen, Thailand to Luang Prabang, Laos. After a 2 day slow boat ride on the murky water of the might Mekong River and over crazy coctails made of Lao Lao we all became great friends. His pictures from Vietnam to Peru are breath taking and were very excited to add him to the exhibit.
For more information and to view some of Tom's pictures you can visit his website I've added some of his photos to this post above.
For more information about the event please visit our facebook event page Don't forget to invite your friends!
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