Friday, May 22, 2009

Rob and I are still trying to keep up with Scott

Rob, Scotty and I hit the road the other day. Scotty's been trying to get us to do his favorite ride...the Calavasass road. The route pretty much starts at Scotts house and goes for about 20 miles. The route is BEAUTIFUL. The winding road through the mountains makes anyone on 2 wheels feel like Lance Armstrong. The views of the mountains and resovior are perfect and there's even a Bald Eagle's nest along the way. We even go to see the amazing bird perched up on this huge nest! How amazing is that!

So we rode. It was totally strange being on the bike with those guys. Just a month before we were cruising up California's coast. Now, that section of this amazing journey is over, and the three of us are out for a day ride in Milpitas. Adjusting to the real life is still taking a bit of time.

I've been talking with the guys a lot about this one day ride in Golden Gate Park. Their perfect to bounce ideas off of. There's a ton of work to be done but its good to throw out ideas and do a bit of brainstorming. The whole idea is to raise the remaining funds for the school in Guatemala by throwing on a one day ride with a picnic at the end of it.

I think the highlght of the day was when we hit this 2 mile uphill secrtion on the way back home. Scott, an iron man, picked up the pace and started flying up the hill. Usually I would just sitt back on the bike and watch his cruise but this time I had no bags and a lighter biker...I was on equal ground. So I pushed hard and tried to catch him. I lost sight of him fopr a bit but decided to push harder. After a few minutes I caught a glimpse oh him as he was crusing up the hill. For a quick second I told myself that I was keeping up with an Iron Man...that was cool!

Peace, power and pedal


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