Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A New Begining

With every death there is a rebirth.

So, Ceasar is on a UPS truck somewhere on the East Coast. Dropping off the bike that courageously took me from Panama City to San Francisco was a bit hard. To tell you the truth I almost broke up in tears on my way to cycle sports in Oakland when I had an appointment to drop it off. But...with every death there is rebirth. With the end o one chapter there is a begining to another.

When I got back to San Francisco I knew that I had to send the bike back to Jeff on the East Coast. So my scramble for a new bike started off imediatly. Luckily, I was having a conversation with my dad about options to get a new bike. He mentioned that he bought a good Specialized road bike a few years back and only put 5 miles on it. He said the he was dating a woman who competed in triathalons at the time. So...of course he went out and got a bike in hopes to keep up. For whatever reason the relationship ended and the brand new specialized bike has been sitting in my dads storage unit in Berkeley for the past 4 years.

He told me I could have it if I wanted it. "Of course", I told him. So last week he brough over his brand new Specialized road bike. The only hitch was that my dad at 6 foot 3 is a bit bigger than me. I stand at 5 foot 11 and it was a possibilty the bike was going to be a bit to big. But when I saw the bike I knew right away that I would fit on it. And guess works perfectly.

Before I shipped off the last bike I put the two together. They are about the exast same size. I got a road bike. Perfect. I was getting a bit worried because I got bck into town on April 25th and I hadnt been on the bike in the past 2 weeks. My body was going through some changes and I was feeling sluggish because of all the toxins building up. When I got to LA on April 18th I stepped on a scale and it came out to 145 lbs. That was after 13 days of riding in a 14 day time frame where I covered about 1,000 miles. 2 weeks later when I stepped on the scale, after not biking at all, it came out to 161 lbs. My moms cooking was seriously taking its toll!

The picture above is of the bike at Lawerence Hall of Science in Berkeley. There are some amazing rides in the East Bay with some killer views of San Francisco and the bay. The trail that Ive been doing is a 30 mile trail with some super steep hills that go all through the Oakland and Berkeley Hills. Aside from the amazing views the trail takes me into a redwood forrest. One second Im in an urban sprawl in Oakland and the next Im pedaling away in a green foresst. Not bad.

So...This week Ill be working on the next Last Hill Event. We hope to do a one day bike ride somewhere in the bay area. The goal is to raise the remaining $4,000 for the school in Guatemala. Hopefully e can get around 50 people to ride with a registration fee of about $75. Thats the general idea right about now. More details to come on this soon.

Peace, Power and Pedal


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