Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Only 5 months ago it was all full of unknowns."

Well guys...were almost there!

I don't know if you've checked the Firstgiving page lately but there has been a few changes. I've been chasing in some of the money from some of the last few events. I had a stack of cash from the party in LA, the party in SF, the bake sell and some other random stuff. Finally, Ive been able to make some updates. Were soooo close its not even funny. At this time we have almost $11,000 in for the school construction project in Guatemala. felt great to update those numbers.

I was just reading Mike's blog and I pulled a quote from it. "Only 5 months ago it was full of unknowns." When we take a step back and pause for a moment to look at what we have created we start to realize that this dream has become a reality. We realize that this idea of giving back to people, to children, in a place as far away as Guatemala is becoming a reality. When I first set out on this adventure I had never been on a road bike. I didn't even own a bike. I didn't know anything about the route from Panama City to San Francisco other than I had to go UP! Life was certainly full of the unknown.

Now...look what we have created. We've raised over $10,000 to build a school for kids in Guatemala that live on $1 a day. We've given them the chance to work towards a better future. Once this school is built it will show the moms and dads of this small community Near Jalapa that with hard work there children will be able to gain the education that they deserve.

When I started this adventure I had an idea and a dream, and I was alone. Looking back I was lucky enough to have Mike meet me for the first 300 miles in Panama. I also had some of my best friends meet me in Los Angeles and complete the ride. Along the way I stopped in Plan sponsored communities in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. There I met with Plan employees who took me in like family and showed me the workings of Plan. Friends from Santa Barbra to Chicago also joined the cause. By the time I got to San Francisco we had a full Board of Directors that were dedicated to hitting the goal.

We threw fundraisers in LA and San Francisco. We brought people together from all over the world to donate to this cause. And now....were almost to the goal.

I'm working on one last event in San Francisco. Today actually I'll be applying for a special event permit in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. With some hard work well be able to pull people together to make it to our goal of $15,000!


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lisa said...

Met you at 821 last night. Told me to check out your site so I did. Pretty amazing stuff. You should write a book. It was fun meeting you for like a second last night and definitely fun giving you shit on how to spell the link. hehe. You were a good sport. : )